Why scare you?

God gave us life and everything around is created by Him. I can imagine the weakness of a man compared to the strength of God. I lose my consciousness. I lose all control over me. In St. Mary?s Church there was a meeting relating to blessings of St. Czesław, a patron saint of Wroclaw. As priests with relics came by, I felt weak. I told one of them about it and when I approached to kiss one of the relics, my breath got so strong that I thought that my lungs will burst out. I was whistling like a whistle among all people present in the church. I could not stop breathing. I lost my consciousness and hit the concrete floor with my head. When I regained my consciousness, I lay with my forehead on the stairs. I did not feel any pain and had no scratch on my forehead. Nobody raised me. I understood the weakness of a man compared to the strength of God. I am a mere tool in the hands of Jesus and Mother of God. I would like to make you aware now that the fact that I write did not happen suddenly. I have always been responsible and now I try to be even more responsible. I can feel God physically so strong and I love Him very much. There is nothing more beautiful for a man than to love God. You do not need anything and you only want to become holy so that your love was similar to God?s love. However, I can tell you something. How many of you were better than me? Why? When I take the holy communion, I can feel God physically. Sometimes I can feel Him very strong. Soon you will feel the same. I love Him very much. I fell like a little child when I talk to Him. When I pray in front of an image of Jesus, I trust in You. It seems as if He was alive. I can feel tears rolling down my cheeks. I can fell something in my body. I cannot describe it. Love, love and only love ? how beautiful it is to love God. you don?t need anything. There is not such a word in Polish to describe, what God has prepared for you in our fatherland ? in heaven.

Let me describe you my business. I used to drive a beautiful car, if you are interested. This is the moment that you?ll have to account for soon. The eternity and our home is there and what home you?ll deserve will depend on you. We?ve been given a free will from our Lord and we can decide on our own. When I travel around Poland and use loudspeakers to talk to you, you laugh at me. You despise me, show strange signs with your hands and throw eggs at me. My car was even hit with a bottle thrown from a window. You call the police and tell them that you don?t like it. I am not frustrated, when you don?t want to take a brochure and you do nothing but judge. You do not want to know the truth.

Leaving God is connected with a terrible danger. Choosing a wrong path you are led by the evil and approach the hell gate. There is a terrifying abyss filled with unimaginable pain. This is eternity!

Soon you? realise this and let me write it once again. I have given you the year of the Apocalypse beginning and what is described will come true. I have a confirmation from Jesus. I repeat it everywhere, because I want to convince you and make you believe it now and prepare for the events.

God created everything and gave an eternal life. Let us love him with pure love.

There is the Internet ? do not live in uncertainty. You can read about the times, in which you live so as not to regret later. You should read my website in particular.

Do not show you wisdom, as it will soon turn against you. When it all starts, you will have to be prepared. These are apocalyptic times. Make some money, but do not love money too much. You should give this time to God and your family and get prepared for the terrible times. Everything that you devote to yourself and not your spirit is Sisyphean effort. Try to understand, what John Paul II said: ?Time flies and eternity waits?.
May God bless you.