Wrocław 22.10.2023 To the Jewish people!

I am writing to you again by God's command.
In my previous article of April 22, 2019 addressed to you
Jewish people, I warned you firmly, by God's command, to reject the man who tells you that he is the Messiah, and what may befall you because of this if you accept this man.

I warn the Jewish people once again, by God's command, that this man who deceives you is the Biblical antichrist, the son of perdition, the deceiver. He wants to seduce you and lead you all to the depths of hell.

The Messiah of us all walked the earth more than 2,000 years ago and will not walk the earth again He will now come again in the same manner as He left for the house of God the Father He will come in the glory of God the Father with angels and saints to judge the living and the dead. After all, before the coming of the Messiah, the prophet Elijah is to come, so that no one will impersonate this prophet either. The Lord God through this prophet will explain everything to you. Devilish associations Freemasonry, illuminati, globalists and others are preparing this usurper to take over world power - the new world order the one who lies to you gives these devilish associations orders, orders how and what must be done, he is very dangerous, half of hell has at his service and the devil is, after all, intelligent this deceiver works on man with hypnosis, does tricks so-called miracles, with the power of hell also heals. The supremacy in these devilish associations is your countrymen Khazars are the ones who are the presidents of these devilish organizations. They have no scruples for people even for their compatriots. They scrupulously carry out Lucifer's plan - the total extermination of humanity. They have earned these devilish organizations for generations with Lucifer's help huge fortunes, in their hands are the largest corporations in the world and almost all the banks. They therefore have a powerful influence is what can happen in the world. These organizations for generations led the world into wars of devilish revolutions and when Hitler came to power they began to sponsor him, and what happened next you know. They are now investing huge amounts of money in chaos and confusion in the world. Many politicians holding the highest office in a country belong to these associations, even Bishop Bergoglio serving as Pope and many clergy of the Roman Catholic Church are in these organizations. False biblical prophet Bishop Bergoglio will culturally give way to a usurper in the Vatican.
He will openly declare to the people already through the Media that he is the God Messiah who was supposed to come and for whom the people have been waiting.
These satanic organizations released the covid virus, they meant a to inoculate humanity and not a to put people to death right away. Why? Satan cares about the soul of man and not the body. Now they want those who have been vaccinated to accept the next vaccine called "RFID".

What will it mean? In the vaccines that people in the world have adopted there are nanochips that will cause the vaccinated people to change their DNA, such a person by them will then be manipulated by impulses sent by the G5 antenna network.

Such a person will then be susceptible to receiving the RFID vaccine called the mark of the beast. I warn you when someone voluntarily accepts this vaccine he will pass a sentence of damnation on himself, thereby voluntarily giving his soul to Satan. For such a person there will be no more salvation, such a person when he does this awaits endless eternal torment in Lucifer's realm of magma and sulfur hell.
The soul on that side gets a new body, there on that side you can no longer die. Vaccinated old people even clergy and what a promotion was for those in the media what to vaccinate. The Lord God and Mother of God communicates through the prophets that the vast majority of people now in the world go the way of damnation, thousands of people every day go to the place of eternal perdition hell, also because there is no one to pray for them, too few people in the world make sacrifices and do not pray for those poor people who die. Satan, through these devilish organizations, is working to bring about a global war as soon as possible, I repeat, it may escalate in a short time, which will drag many countries into the conflict in the Middle East, after all, the Third World War is about to start from a small country.

Islam end  the U.S. will deal specifically with this conflict making in it an open way for Putin to move on, but it may not be fun anymore. After all, there is still China, the dispute over the island of Taiwan, and lest they want to take advantage of this opportune opportunity that has come with this conflict in the Middle East.  The Lord God Jesus Christ wants to save you Jewish people, I repeat but it is you who must take this step, reject the son of perdition the Biblical antichrist. He loves you very much I do not want your annihilation after all He suffered such a terrible death for all of us on the cross and that we should all avoid it. When He was hanging on the cross and His Body was strained like a string, the torturers purposely did this and so that our Lord agonized more. Previously extremely exhausted by torture, He was cruelly tormented all night before the crucifixion. It was cold at night, he lay on the ground in the dungeon did not drink or eat did not sleep. After the torturers' nocturnal games over the Savior, he was sentenced to be scourged, they tore his whole body with whips that had hooks, some of the blows were fatal, thanks to the intervention of God the Father who kept the son so massacred alive so that he could save us, what pain it must have been. The Lord God was nailed to the cross, second by second he began to run out of air more and more. His lungs were collapsing, he was doing a strange activity on the cross a to get at least some air into his lungs. This made it very difficult for the Lord God due to the terrible exhaustion of his body, when after three hours of agony he spoke his last words to God the Father he already knew that he would not perform this action due to lack of strength.

With the Lord God.