To the nations of the world and Poles

I warn you against an imminent disaster, hunger and destruction.
To all nations ? you have only one King and Lord ? Jesus Christ. If you do not consider Him the King together with government and episcopate. If you do not respect God?s law, your country will be destroyed. Jesus Christ is the only King of this world. What His Father and our God sends to us is a great mercy; he tells you to turn to Jesus again, God protects you against evil and everything comes from God and God is the only Lord in this world.
I want to tell you about this now so that you do not make any hypotheses relating to a nuclear war and disasters. I am merely a tool of Jesus Christ my Lord, whom I love very much. My Lord told me to warn you against all that.
All the past wars will not equal to what will happen in the nearest future.
To those worshipping other gods: turn to Christianity and consider Jesus Christ your King. He worries and takes care about you very much and waits for you.
To the Polish government and episcopate:
Do you think about our families; there are so obvious signs, that it is time to make a decision on enthronement of Jesus Christ as the King of Poland. Jesus warned Rosalia Celakówna against the WWII. If Poland does not enthrone Jesus as the King, it will suffer as it once did.
Do you want the same to happen? We will not have it!