1.01.2015 The world will be in a great chaos. This will lead to fear and panic. How about Poland?

I write this, as I have been inspired by the Holy Spirit.
You will find it hard to understand and you will start to understand it, when you feel it. I can see a bad scenario for Poland, as I see and hear, how you react. Even those, who think they are saint, treat me worse like, for example, a drunkard, who walks along a street and gives leaflets. 
I would like to remind you once again that the world will go through a great shock in 2016, which will start a terrible chaos and panic especially following the second sign. The Pope Francesco will tell the world to prepare for the Return of Jesus Christ, which is going to happen very soon. There will be few prepared for this. People, who lose their properties will have to be protected. You should explain it to them that I also lost my property and got converted to God. you should tell them that they are here for a moment and there is the eternity. Now you neglect and ridicule me. Your conversion will be even greater then. 
The sinister world is like Sisyphus and it will soon stop to exist. Give your time to God and think of your salvation and not of what is ephemeral. I remind you once again to collect food in 2015 now that it is still cheap. Your should do it now.
What is most important for Poland?
It is most important for Poland to enthrone Jesus Christ as the King of Poland. This is to be done by chief authorities, including the President and episcopate. You are responsible for the imminent annihilation. You do, what Cardinal Hlond did before 1939. I am frightened about the future of my country, children, pregnant mothers and your attitude to the enthronement.
I am writing about what will happen in the future and how you should prepare for the events. In Poland there will be lowest radiation and food will be suitable for consumption. Poland is to be a warehouse of food. The holy Mother of God will protect us and prepare for the Return of Jesus Christ, Her Son.
I describe and give you hints relating to your preparation and activities through Jesus Christ. You should sow seeds in 80% of soil in 2016 and 2017. Your should even do the same with wastelands sowing seeds to have bread and even use trenches. Families from cities should help you to do this. They are to protect villages and be supported by the police and army. You have to help such institutions and their families. Thousands of volunteers should join the army. In this worst period, a farmer cannot fear of his life and therefore he has to be protected and he will repay for that. Farmers should supply food to cloisters and the cloisters should collect the food. They will give food to people all the time. Pregnant women, children, the ille and others will have the priority. Do not forget about animals.
Farmers! Collect supplies of fertilisers and plants for several years in 2015.  After 2017 the land will be owned by everyone. The land will be fertilised and cultivated by most advanced machines. Ff it is possible, make your own fertilisers. Share with others and be nice to them.
You should help people fro Europe and, in particular, Russians by taking pregnant women and mothers with babies. Where should you place them? In Polish forests villages will be built with the use of logs. Thee will be tight and plastered on the outside. You should build a large stove in such houses and such stoves will heat four rooms. Bread will be baked in such stoves all the time. You should fence and watch thousands of animals. In Each house in such a village they will even breed snails.
The countryside will exchange goods with cities. In cities they will produce vegetables and freeze the same, so do not forget about power units for cooler houses. In every street there will be cooking and food give away points. First, the food will be given for cards. If you do not work, you will not get any food. You should liquidate pavements in cities and create gardens. You should do it in parks, on wastelands and in trenches. Lay wooden pots on the asphalt and grow tomatoes in them. Then you should process the same using millions of jars. Seeds and vegetables are to be grown on best soils. Millions of animals such as chickens are to walk on Polish streets and be protected. You should create small fields everywhere and cut corn using sickles. There will be such hunger in the world that people will eat one another. I now what is coming and I can feel it. And therefore I tell you what to do. I would like you to wake up earlier and listen to this. Otherwise you will die of hunger. Each metre of land is to be developed and used for sowing or breeding of animals. You should take animals from shelters to villages. In 2017 you should stop killing livestock and let it breed. If there are millions of livestock, then you can eat it. Do not do anything to the contrary. Do what I tell you.
People in cities will be secured to some extent, as they will collect food earlier. Those, who have corn in 2016/2017 should deal with honest farmers and sow some corn, which they have collected in bags. They will get a lot for this. Those, who neglect my warnings and do not prepare, may go into the streets and start riots. You cannot let them do it. They will be guided by the evil, because they do not understand, what happens and comes. They should be closed in cloisters, made aware and get converted.
Will the police and army leave their stations? You will find out in 2017 on my website. You will also find out about other important things. You should buy warm sleeping bags, oil, candles and warm shoes. You should also buy a lot of seeds, vegetables, corn, polystyrene and foam suitable for the temperature of -20'C as I have told you earlier.
Will Poland be saved?
It is up to you. I will not be there and now I warn you and remind you. I have been warned by my beloved Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.
When I repeat something, it is going to be like that, as not everyone read everything. Therefore, I remind you.
God bless you!