27.11.15 The Islam was made up by a madman guided by Lucifer

Mahomet, whom you call a prophet, was guided by Lucifer in order to send a son of evil to your faith in these times. And you will start to call him your messiah. He will mislead you with his tricks and healings. He will want to destroy the world through your faith. You are in a terrible danger believing in him. The Lord of all people, God and Son of God Jesus Christ, whom God the Creator sent to us, entrusted me with this mission. Now I have been given a sign from God. He sent me to warn you and the whole world against what is coming. Jesus Christ is a judge of all people after their death. He judged so many generations with mercy, as you did not know about what I am telling you now. You have lived and been lied to for so many ages and so many generations trusted to the madman. Now that you find out, Jesus Christ ad God will be a just judge for you. Jesus loves you so much. He died in a terrible agony for the entire mankind. It was only this way that He could beg His Father to save us. We are His property. After His death, God let His Son rule the entire world. WE can only be saved by the Son of God and get to the paradise. There is no other way! Jesus does not want you to perish. He wants to save you all. I repeat it once again. Jesus loves everyone, no matter whether you are a Christian or Muslim.
I warn the entire Islamic world through my God and Jesus Christ and beg you to get converted. Leave this way of lie shown you by Lucifer though the madman. You and the entire world will get signs!

The first sign:

At the end of 2015 after my death you will hear apocalyptic trumpets, which will emit sounds of various intensity and with intervals for 3 hours. The entire world will heat this at the same time. Yu may hear this in Poland at 12.00 or 15.00. The sky will be very bright then. A lot of you will see a ray coming from the skies and narrowing towards the earth. In this ray my dead tormented body will be moved towards the sky. It will be a great sign for the mankind and now I get a sign from God and Holy Spirit and get it again.

The second sign:

The second sign for the entire mankind to convert from the Islam will be the Judgement of the Holy Spirit. You will get this sign before the great purification of the world. I and other saints call it 3 days of darkness. I have described the days in other articles placed on my website. I described how people will feel the judgement. A human soul will leave the body and will be guided by His/her Guardian Angel to, where it deserved to go, if He/she should die now. I was given a sign, when I wrote this. Very few people will see the heaven, a lot of them will see the purgatory and most of them will see the condemnation (hell and eternal fear). A lot of them will die of terror, when they go back to their bodies and their hearts will not stand it. You will get the two signs to get converted to a real faith ? Christianity. purification of the world will involve letting hellish creatures out, which will claw people in order to possess their souls and take the souls with them. I have described in several articles, how to behave during the 3 days of darkness. What else shall I write? I have been in Istanbul in Turkey, where I spent almost 2 months in prison. I have been deported twice. I was in a sort of closed centre. I was surprised that there was a Catholic church at the prison. I could write a lot about it, but I am short of funds. Let me describe my stay in Turkey briefly. When I was in that centre, I explained it to Muslims (and there were a lot of them from various countries) that Jesus Christ was not a prophet and Mahomet was not Allah?s prophet either. But for the divine providence, I would have been killed there. I also drew it on walls and explained it to them using via sign language. I lost 15 kg, although they had good food. I will not tell you, why I lost my weight. I had difficulties with breathing. It was not because of cigarettes, as I do not smoke, but as a result of having been beaten near a mosque. I showed you Mahomet on fire, as I did it before in Paris. I was also battered by the police and even prosecutors. A Turkish interpreter, who spoke to me, said that she would not translated what I had said and she curst into tears. Then they grabbed at me as they understood it. I can tell you Muslims that, when I said ?Allah? talking to Muslims, who wanted to talk to me, I got a sign from God for this word. I told them ?Allah? as I did not now the English word for God. I am accountable to my God and Jesus Christ for what I write here and all this because of inspiration given by God and Holy Spirit, who confirms all this. I fear of His justice. Nothing and no one will stop me from this truth, by which I was inspired. I am accountable for each error, which i can make. What else shall I write? I would not like to believe in your faith. I thank to God for my parents, who gave me the true belief in Jesus Christ. What distinctions did you get from God, mother? I have been given a sign. Even now, when I read this. If you do not understand, what I have to tell you and why I have to warn you, you Muslims had better never been born. Get converted to Christianity and to the real God even for the price of your life in order to avoid eternal death.
God bless you all.