20.02.2015 Nunneries of the entire world and Polish farmers will be instructed what to do. When?

This will be a warning against people, who will surrender themselves to Lucifer. Jesus wants to save you.
I will place an article on my website about instructions for nunneries of the entire world and Polish farmers.
People will get the instructions in envelopes and they will place it on my website. Then I will no longer have been here. And if this has no effects, a lot of people will see mi with him. And even if I stop driving around and you will hear on the tube that this is the last chance for you to do cheap shopping. Even if my website disappeared somehow, let me remind you once again ? I will appear with the man, whom God has chosen and you will listen to him.
You will not be able to prepare people for this. You do not want to listen to Jesus as I tell you, but cardinals of he entire world will listen. I remind you not to think of anything else and sin. After the pope?s death, he will be the head of the Church with his eat in Czestochowa and the antichrist will seat in Vatican then. Vatican will be in hands of Islam believers. God will send great harvest, which will help you to collect food. Farmers will not have any problems in selling their products in these last years (harvest). I call farmers through Jesus my Lord and tell them that they should increase food production. I already wrote that they should stop killing livestock in 2017 and only breed it ? this should happen a few months before the Pope?s address in 2016 in Cracow. If you ignore the warnings given by Jesus through me, you will be accountable for its before God and Jesus Christ. There will be a terrible hunger and millions of Europeans with their children will squat on the Polish border begging for bread.
Do you realise what is coming? Millions of people will die of hunger!
I write so much about hunger, as I have been instructed by Mother of God. few people will be prepared. The rest will go to villages and kill farmers taking their last food. Your sinful world will cease to exist and God will destroy it and a new world will be born as based on God?s rules just as the Holy Father wants.
Convert yourselves!
The Leviathan chain of markets will issue food portions in the time of the apocalypse and such portions will be for those, who have implanted a chip and surrendered their souls to Lucifer. I warn you against it.
You had better eat plant roots than get condemned voluntarily.
Mother of God warned the world and told me that I would get signs starting from 1951 and my page started to work on 23 December 2012.
A prophecy says that black people will help Poland. Geomagnetic reversal will occur and temperatures will change on continents. Therefore they will come and help us tom use every edible plant, which start to grown in the new tropical climate. They will process such plants and tell use how to use them all etc.
You should help one another in such apocalyptic times and share your food ? there are the words of Mother of God.
God bless you.