14.03.2015 God will come again to judge the world, when the world is prepared

God will come to a pure world full of love and people having respect for one another and praising God. The world will have been cleaned of bad people and even of clergymen, who do not think they way that God has told them. God?s law will govern the world and it will be based on purity and holiness and people will resemble God as most as possible. In such times, supernatural forces will act. I want to remind you, just as I mentioned earlier in  my articles, that I will be with you. Now I have been given a sign from God. Why are you still going those stupid things? These are stupid things! All that you do for your body is Sisyphus. Take care of your immortal soul and eternity and not the ephemeral. What are those inventions for? Does this life last forever? A man?s happiness is to love God and live with this love here forever. God gave us lives to cherish this happiness with others. This world is coming to an end slowly and you should save you immortal souls just as I did. Pray to Mother of God, Her son?s intermediary. I did it and got converted. Mother of God gave me to Her son. Now I get a sign from God and Holy Spirit, whom I feel so much. Wake up. I warn you again against condemnation. We are God?s creatures and we belong to Him. Have not we been given too much freedom from God? Why do so many people go to the worst place like hell? Did we have to be born to get there? Who is responsible for that? We are responsible for ourselves and for others, including clergymen. Why is the price for the freedom that God gave us so high? Do you have to go there? Do you know how God and Jesus Christ died for us? When I left the church and walked though a park I met some old women. I told them that these are last times and chaos will come followed by horror. I told them that people will go where they deserve to go. I spent some time with them. When I finished my conversation I told a young person to remove a ring from her face. She told me that God gave us freedom. God opened my eyes and I see what you do and how you behave. I am worried about you, because you feel and think like I do. This world is like rotting carcass saturated with sins. Before I got converted, I had thought about what to do to get to hell. I though that I had to kill someone to get there. I was so wrong thinking like that. You live in sin for years and this is a deadly trap. Saint Faustine wrote that there are a lot of people in hell, who do not believe in existence of the hell. And even today some man assured me that there is no hell. It is a terrible abyss of fire and magma. People have been lulled by the evil just as I was.
Do not sin, if you have confessed your sins!
Confess you sins as frequently as possible. Take the holy communion everyday during holy services and you have to be careful during such services. The evil distracts!
God bless you