10.12.2014 The world is endangered by madmen ? who are they?

I would like to warn the world through Jesus Christ my Lord and Holy Spirit.
In the Islamic religion there has been a son of evil ? the antichrist announced by our prophets. It will deem itself God and will reveal soon. I have told you this before in my article entitled ?What faith will look for miracles and why?? When I wrote the article I did not have any confirmation, although I could feel that this was the faith made out by Mahomet. Mahomet was guided by Lucifer itself and now the evil will use the faith in order to destroy the mankind. It will use the antichrist and most prominent Islamic priests ? madmen, who will declare a holy war against the Christians. They will tell people to kill taking their believers to eternal fire and magma. I tell you about it now in order to precede all this and revelation of the son of evil, who cheated fools in such a simple way. You are poor Islamic believers and you do not know anything about the danger. You are deluded by Mahomet followers with fear. Why am I not afraid and tell you all about this in advance? Hasn?t it come to your mind?
I am only afraid of My Lord, God in Holy Trinity and Mother of God. I tell you all this, because I know what threatens you. I would like to warn you through Jesus my Lord, who loves you so much.
You will not like what I tell you and try to kill me and, finally, you will kill me, and then I will think that perhaps I deserve it. Whatever bad death I die, I will not deserve what I have got from God. You should concert to Christianity and save you immortal souls. You have been cheated by Mahomet and his followers. They will give you machetes and tell you to kill. In the name of what? You will kill innocent children, women and the elderly. Throw away the weapon! Try to wait until all this ends. The time of madmen will be short. You should convert to Christianity. It is a terrible sin against God to kill innocent people and it leads all to eternal fire. Jesus Christ will be your and our judge, as he died such a terrible death for us all. You have been instructed and given a sign. I am not afraid of you. What eternity you will choose will depend on you. I will tell you now, what will happen in the future ? as Jesus told me. As I have already told you, the time of madmen will be short. We, the Christians, will help you. You will die of hunger. Then you will understand, why we have food and you do not. Then you will throw away crescents from your temples and hang Holy Crosses instead converting to Christianity. You will be really converted then. Jesus Christ will officially become a king adopted by all countries and peace will come.
Christian countries - you are in a terrible danger! The Islamic religion rooted in your countries will kill your families. They will be given a sign to start a holy war. I beg you to expel Islam followers from your countries. 2017 is soon to come.
God bless you.