13.04.2015Your Easter and life is oriented on consumption. You have left God.

I was walking along streets before Easter, looking at you and I saw a lot and heard you wishing happy Easter to one another. What were you thinking about when you wished happy Easter? Were you thinking about God and Resurrection? I used to be drugged by the whirl of this world just as you are now and did not see what I can see now. I used to live consumptive life. I often thought about spring, summer, autumn and winter and the next year came. And so my life passed. I did not realise how dangerous it was. I used to live in a grave sin. If I had died then, my soul would have been doomed to eternal annihilation. I was in a constant run then and could not find time to prepare for Easter spiritually, confess my sins, go to the church and sit there for w while. I could not find time to think about the terrible agony of Jesus Christ, who had died for me. why did I do it for so long in my life? Are you ready to ask this question to yourself now? You devote so much of your precious time and attention to such trifles and you forget about them the next day. Why do you do something that is not important to you? You listen to the music out of this world. You are told to listen to this music and the music is a sin. You take advantage of pleasures of this world and are told that this is eternity and there is only a grave. It leads you to eternal death. And when you get there, you are allowed to listen to the music and sign the song. The song is so terrible and filled with awe, pain and never ending tragedy. It is a ?scream?. It is a sin ? you treat it like pleasure dooming one another. You lose eternity for this short moment. You have created your own world, where you feel so good. And if someone tells you that this is a sinful world, you get angry. Why? This is the same as with the music ? if you were allowed to sing here on the earth, the evil would show. You have a choice and it is freedom! The freedom, that God have everyone. You cannot blame God as this is your choice only. Even if you forget that you are God?s creature, this is still your choice only. You have been given a message! Should you be afraid of death? No, you should not ? not this death. You should be afraid of that eternal death! How many people regret what they did during their earthly life!
You seem to think that it will not happen to you, if you don?t know about this. You think that only Catholics are involved. You don?t want to take my leaflet, because you think like this. I warn you against such approach to life. This is a hint made by Satan. It is very cunning. He will give you everything here. You will think that what you do bad is good. The evil will assure you. When you die, the evil will wait for your treasure ? your immortal soul.
Your eyes will gradually open and during months you will start to feel the preceding apocalypse. At the turn of 2015 and 2016 you will get a sign and prices will go up. The cheapest bread may even cost PLN 10 at the end of the year. the chaos will gradually come. Due to the chaos particular countries, and even many of them, will fail to operate. The TV and radio will be artificially maintained. Poland and the world may be saved by enthroning of Jesus as the King in each country. If Poland does not do it, it will be annihilated, just as the countries, which do not enthrone Jesus Christ and God. By the enthroning Poland is to give example to the world and show that we should live according to God?s laws. I have been advised about all this by God and Holy Spirit. Some people will get films on CDs wit instructions on how to rule countries in the final years. You will see me and two other persons in this film. If the internet still works, this fill will be displayed and if not, it will be distributed worldwide.
Poland will be ruled by people of strong Christian belief such as Mrs Lech Kaczynski. After my death I will see to all that through Jesus Christ. Now you think different about it, but soon you will get used to it. This will be your time to prepare the world for the return of Jesus, God?s Son. I anticipate all this and it will happen in months. The Holy Virgin prepared the world for the return of Her Son. I have been given a sign. I have been appointed for this important mission, just as I did several thousand years ago. What I did was through God?s mercy and in order to prepare you for the imminent apocalypse.
On Friday the 3rd April 2015, the Passion day, I was inspired and thought. I could not believe in what I has been given. I am still in a little shock. I am still given confirmations from God, stop thinking about it and again think about it and get confirmations. After a while I ask God, if I can describe it. I am given a sign. And I describe it now. Why have I managed so good since I was a child? I have been doing business since I was a young man. I was good at trading. I have thought many times that I must have had a Jewish ancestor. Why was I so attracted to synagogues? I got a sign from God. when I was 40, I went to synagogue to watch a show. We were offered some small plates for our heads and told not to be ashamed of them. I did not wear it then, but now I would. I got a sign from God and started to cry. Why did I get shivers after I read about Berthold of Calabria? I have gone to the Carmelites?? church in Olbinska street in Wroclaw since I was a child.  And the Holy Spirit came to me there. Why do I such strong signs while standing at one of the prophets during holy services when priests talk? When I was to write it I got a sign from God. I am writing this. My soul has come from that beautiful world. I have been given a sign now. And thousands of years before I was here ion the earth and defended the faith. I am crying. When I read this again I was given signs from God and felt shivers.
Sunday, the 12th April 2015, God?s Mercy day. I stopped my car with a small trailer with inscriptions relating to ?the penalty imposed on humankind by God? and it was the Sunday of God?s mercy. Why did I do it? Before Easter, I travelled around the western Poland and was in ¦wiebodzin, where the largest statue of King the Christ stands. some man from the housing district came to me and told me not to stop my car at the church of God?s Mercy!. What God sends us is God?s Mercy in order to save millions of people and their immortal souls from eternal dooming. God wants the souls to convert due to the events, which they see and I am describing now. You don?t want to convert people, interfere with my activities and do not understand my mission!
Prepare for the return of Jesus Christ, as the time has come.
God bless you.