07.02.2015 Satan is the greatest human enemy

Everyone can choose their place in eternity, but I do not wish anyone the bad choice that I am going to describe.


Am I sorry for those who suffer? I will not answer, because I know what do with people.


I am the one who should warn everyone against atrocities encountered by condemned souls. There is no other place but fire in the kingdom of evil. Our God gave us this place for opposing to him, Angels and people, who do the same. one cannot find other place there but fire and lava and there is unimaginably high temperature.


There are degrees there ? the lower you ascend, the higher temperature there is. This is for the hierarchy of devils and people. The Lucifer himself is on the very bottom in the highest temperature. He wears a dragon?s armour, which alleviates his pain. It is terrible to get there. One had rather be there as a disabled person, modest poor man than a king and rich man living it up. We are creatures of God and we cannot forget about it. God has prepared heaven for us and He does not want to condemn anyone. We allow themselves to be condemned, as we live in sin.


Let me remind you once again ? physical and mental feelings in that world are the same as on the earth. You should save your immortal soul, as they lied to you and lulled you terribly. It will tell you there mocking and even laugh at you ? it only does evil and it cannot do good there and it will tell you that there is no heaven there. It will be too late. This is not a game, this is eternity!


Please go away and get this evil out of your soul. Beg God to forgive you and go to an exorcist ? he will help you. Repent for everything before you God the Creator. I beg you to save your immortal soul and God will forgive you everything! Just as he did in my case.


God bless you.