The Third Secret of Fatima is about to realise

The Mother of God warns us to be aware, what is about to happen. She warns us about the danger and tells us to prepare for it.

God loves us very much and wants to save the humankind by imposing the penalties. He wants us to come to our senses and save us from eternal death. There are too many people to be doomed. You should dedicate holy masses to them, the holy communion, prayers, work and diseases. Pray for them and tell others to pray for them, too. We can save millions of sinners.

I am Jesus? tool and I want to tell you that our times and our life on this earth is coming to an end, no matter, whether you want it or not. That?s just the way it is and you cannot stop it. You can laugh at me and it will be a relief for you. Although the relief will not last long. I gave you the year, in which the Apocalypse will start to realise. I have had several signs telling me that this will happen. Even those, whom I told about it, felt shivers down their spines. And we showed our hands to one another.

The Third Secret of Fatima is coming true. God gave you signs and priests, who given me the holy communion, also see them ? tears roll down my cheeks. I cry. The activities of the Holy Ghost confirm that I do it well and this is irreversible. I will travel for several years until all this starts. I will travel around Poland and Europe. I would like to go even further. I gave you my assurances on my website.

Do not make me an insane person. You do not know anything about me. I know a lot about you and I know about a terrible danger, which is nothing compared to the suffering that you are going to go through in another world. A sin and leaving God leads to the purgatory and hell abyss with unimaginable suffering.

When you serve the evil, you should expect only suffering and self-destruction, shouldn?t you? It is the evil that will destroy you there eternally. I put ?The Vision of Hell? on my website and other films. One of them, ?Exorcisms of Anneliese Michel?, got automatically erased.

Just imagine the strength that I had to get from God to leave and tell you all this regardless of what you do. I have broken down because of what I see and what you do. I am terrified. As you can see I do not carry any images of Jesus Christ and Mother of God with me. Enter this website and tell others about it and they will change their minds, if you understand this website.

I warn you ? you are getting a sign from God, who tells you, what is about to happen, through me ? a mere tool in His hands. Jesus suffered for us terribly and he got suffocated in the end. He died in terrible pain!!!

I often ponder over Jesus? suffering and get inspired. I also read on the Internet that Jesus told about his suffering to a person, whose name I do not remember.

At the beginning, when all this happened, I heard a voice in my soul saying ?You will love me and hate me at the same time?. I got scared ? why should I hate? I will explain it to you and tell you, what I go through when I travel. I think bad about you and I think about Jesus? suffering. Why are you like that? I do not like you for this and if you hate your mate, you hate Jesus as well.

If you believe it now, prepare for it. You may also believe later. Think about your family. There will be terrible hunger, panic and fear. This will happen for sure. I have been confirmed about it. If you are a heretic, you will be doomed.

You will see other sides in our times.

I would like to remind bishops and cardinals once again ? enthroning of Jesus as the King of Poland.

May God bless you.