Nations, which do not accept Christ as their King will die and never rise again

Enthronisation of the Holiest Heart of Jesus Christ has become the most important issue for Poles and there is nothing more important than that.

This has to come, otherwise we will cease to exist.

The nation demands and asks its secular and ecclesiastical authorities to enthrone Jesus Christ in Poland.

The words of Rozalia Celakówna, a God?s servant and Jesus? confidante for his Enthronisation in Poland and worldwide! Poland has to declare solemnly Jesus as its King and Jesus will bless Poland and protect it against enemies.
It was Jesus who ordered the Enthronisation.

He will be the Power and Light in doing this Act.

He will not leave us alone. He will overcome the resistant and will make them feel ashamed of their blindness and poor faith.
Jesus said: ?Enthrone Me as I, as a King of Poland, will change souls. Do not worry about them, as I will take care of the rest.?
Bishops and Cardinals! Wake up and enthrone the Holiest Heart of Jesus at last. Don?t you know the times in which you live. You have been given signs. Malachi?s prophesies for the end of 2012 are shown on my website.
I will travel around the world and tell about Jesus? return who will come in His Father?s Glory and with angels. I will tell you about disasters, war and terrible hunger and about the penalty imposed by God.
On 20 April 2013, I went with a group of Jesus? knights on a pilgrimage to Częstochowa from Wrocław.

During the holy service held in the Sanctuary of the Mother of God and before taking the holy communion, an organist started to sing the words of Jesus? Heart. I felt weak and fell down. When they lifted me I started to breath strong and could hear whistling in my lungs and felt as if my lungs were about to burst out. I was taken outside and was attended by a nun and some lady. I could feel my breath stop and heard that they screamed that I was about to die. I regained my breath and then lost it again. They creamed again and resuscitated me. I could feel that very strong.

Wasn?t that an obvious sign from the Mother of God telling me what Jesus Christ, Her son, wanted?
Bishops and Cardinals! Please make them enthrone the Holiest Heart of Jesus.

Poland will not die, if it accepts Jesus as its King and obey God?s law and His Love?s law. The countries, which surrender to Jesus Christ and his Holiest Heart, will not die and become most powerful.
God bless you.