The message

Jesus, you are the way, life and truth.

On November 9th 2012, when I said the chaplet and pondered over the Passion, I heard a loud voice in my soul between 5 and 8 a.m. and the voice said:

Prepare the world for my return.

I closed my eyes and saw a large glowing and very bright Cross and I said: ?Lord, shall I be the spark?? I felt shivers all over my body.

The Son of man will come in the grace of His Father together with His angels and than He will judge everyone for their conduct and the Judgement Day will come. Angels will divide people ordering the just to stand on the right side of the Judge and sinners to stand on the left side. However, this will be preceded by resurrection of all people.


Faustina Kowalska wrote ?Write that before I come as a just Judge, I will come as the King of Mercy. Before the day of justice comes, people will see a sign in the sky ? all light will disappear and darkness will fall upon the earth. Then a sign of the Cross will appear and from the holes, in which there were the Saviour?s hand and legs nailed to the cross, large light will come and illuminate the earth for some time. This will be short before the Judgement Day.?


To the Christians worldwide:


Dear Christians!

Jesus and Mother of God call everyone to be apostles. We take full responsibility for the mankind and its salvation. Let us save them from eternal condemnation. This is the last moment! If you have not take care of your soul, but your body, then what you have done so far, are doing now and will do are Sisyphean activities.

Wake up! This is the time to reject the carnal and turn to God, who is love. You will be judged for your love to God on the Judgement Day.

You live in a house created by God. You should realise that you are God?s child and you have to live as a child of God and adhere to His commandments. Reject your ego and do not try to be wiser than the Creator or you may be condemned forever. Be humble and wait for God, as He waits for you. He loves you so much. Trust in Him as I did, because I was just like you. Let us rejoice in Jesus, as He comes and for those, who do not believe, it will be a day of apocalypse and sheer terror in eternal condemnation.

Christians! We are responsible for this and each of us will be evaluated as an apostle on the Judgement Day. You had better shed your own blood than be tortured for ages. Everyone wants to be saved. You should remember about it, not reject anyone and be humble in your statements. Encourage everyone to read books gently with love. You may encourage them to read a page, in which the apocalyptic vision of the hell is described, for example, in the diaries of Faustina Kowalska and in Revelations of the Virgin Mary relating to the end of the world. Play tapes with recorded Retreat, listen to the Retreat with your entire families, watch religious films and pray for the people in order to have time to cherish the previously said word, rejoice in the word and prayer. When I prayed as a child I lost my breath so quickly and this was a sign. I started to pray to the Holy Ghost to teach me how to pray and now I pray in a different way, as I have told you before. As a said the Rosary in the church I felt a strong radiation and bliss. I started to feel the Rosary in my soul just as if something turned upside down inside of me and this was the way the Mother of God gave me a sign how to pray. One day my breath even set the pace of my prayer and if I did not adhere to the pace, I would start to choke.

At home you should use blessed salt and holy water. If we pray like this, the Holy Ghost will sent graces to us and the entire world. It is not the quantity that counts in our prayers. We see this today in the church. I turn to the priests ? stop praying like this and oppose to God, because you are to lead Jesus? sheep. Pray with your heart and not mouth.

Before you take Holy Communion, you should crave for Jesus like a child and rejoice in taking His body and say this several times: ?Lord I am not worthy ??. If you shed tears, it will be all right. You should pray to the Holy Ghost to sent a grace upon you and you will start to be sensitive to Jesus and learn how to love your Lord. I love my Lord so much that I even shed some tears, when I wrote these words.

Take the Body of Christ on your knees. I am afraid that you will soon take the Body of Christ while sitting. Wake up! You take God in your heart and I can feel Him physically. Sometimes the feeling is so strong that I cannot leave the altar. I felt like this before this vision and the priests should have noticed this. I was in St. Mary?s Church on Piasek, where there were a lot of young people. I sat in the front row and when I took Holy Communion, my nose started running and I felt bliss and shivers all over my body. In the Carmelites? church a priest noticed this and wanted to give me Holy Communion twice, as I was weak after I took it for the first time. Then I kneeled in the first row and I felt the Body of Jesus so physically that my nose was running all the time. When I met Father Tokarz of the Boniface?s church, he told me that he had thought I would faint when I took Holy Communion. When I attended a service in Latin in St. Mary?s Church on Piasek on the Day of Jesus the King of Poland at 6 p.m., I could not leave the altar for a long time, I cuddled up and kneeled feeling God. When I was in the Carmelites? church I took Holy Communion and felt my Lord so strong than I fell and laid like a cross with my arms stretched.

You will be judged by God for such cold prayers. You do not feel the prayer and the Holy Ghost.

Now I would like to appeal to those believers, who do not know Jesus Christ, the Son of God. You can be saved only by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who sacrificed His life for us in order to save us and make us live eternally.

Our belief is manifested and not made up. I beg you ? I am the same human being as you are and we Christians are the same people as you, who believe in other God.

We believe in the same One God, who loves everyone, but you have to understand that Jesus is the Son of God and not a prophet, you cannot call God a prophet, I feel deeply sorry for you. You are a poor nation. You have been deceived, if your prophet has not mentioned Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He is a false prophet. There have been a lot of people, who wished to be considered gods. As I have mentioned in the beginning, you will see the sign of Cross in our times. Only god Father knows the exact date. However, after I have experienced those three falls on the 13th day of each month, I will tell you that it will come very soon.

Turn to Christianity and get baptised and you will become children of God. Christians! You are so lucky. You will feel a deep terror, when you see the sign of the glowing Cross and you will tear your hair out. Those, who believe, will rejoice in return of God. We can rejoice now that it is so close to be happy. I would like to die now, but I have too much to say to you. I have sinned too much and I want to be redeemed for insulting God, who is the Holiness, Purity, Love and Mercy.

Our family is too small and we want you to join us. We are waiting for you. And believe ? Jesus loves you very much.

I am a tool in the hands of God and Jesus Christ. I am a Pole and one of sinners, who insulted his Lord so much. Each of us is a spark. I want to share all this with you and, like Jesus, I want you to be redeemed. Jesus loves us so much and we have to help everyone, because only God wants us to be happy and cherish God in Holy Trinity and Mother of God, the Queen of the World, who worries so much about you and me. When I watch the Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson, I say the chaplet. Mother of God cries and I cry, too. I cry when Mother of God gives me a sign and tells how she worries about us. I often think about people, who are tormented in the lake of fire and then I think that Mother of God wants to show me, what happens to people, who do not love God.

God wants to save man, but He can only do so at man?s consent. He wants to save man, but He cannot save man against his wishes. God wants to guide man and show man, how to save man?s soul. However, if man refuses to cooperate, God will leave man alone.

Think about you being condemned to the hell fire forever. It is not 25 years of prison, when a thief regrets, what he has done. You will also regret that you have not take the advantage, when Lord gave you this moment and you will regret, like the thief, that you have not been humble, have not loved God for the life, which He gave you and which is that moment. You will be alone there forever and find only enemies around you. Is that what you want? What terror will fall upon you, when you get to the other side and see the reality ? that you have heard about evil so many times, mocked at everything, doubted in existence of God. You do not even realise the danger!

Please wake up! The evil puts souls to sleep and lads them to the lake of fire. The evil is our greatest enemy. How many people have lost their happiness and undergo unimaginable torments.

I learnt what hunger is, when I was a child and I did not want my children to be hungry. I was raised in a family with many children and I am the second of nine siblings. My mother is a strong believer and she sent us to the church. Unlike my father, she gave us a very good example. My mother told me that I used to cry a lot, when I was a baby. They did not know what to do and visited numerous doctors. I cried in the night and slept during the day. I once asked my mother, why I had been born in K±ty Wrocławskie and she said that there had been no place for her in Wrocław and she had been taken to K±ty Wrocławskie. When I watched a film about St. Faustine it turned out that I had had the same moment as Her in my life. I wanted to see Jesus so much and I begged Him to appear. This desire was so strong that I thought about it for several years afterwards and now, as a 50-year-old man, I realise this moment and the sign. One day I was very hungry and my mother was at work and the flat was closed. I started to pray to Jesus to find one zloty and, believe or not, I found it and bought a pretzel. I could be about 6 years old, when some elderly lady started to teach me the Rosary in the church. I had average results at school, however, I was good at sports. My mother did not have any problems with me, as I was a good-tempered child and I like participating in Corpus Christi processions. I rushed to the vestry to get a banner. There were always a few of us in front of the vestry waiting for their banners. Everyone wanted to get the most beautiful one. All of them were beautiful. I was liked by my mates at summer and scout camps and was given responsible positions such as a head of the group or camp. During one of the camps, some girls disappeared and the commander appointed me as a head of the group of boys, who went to look for the girls. Obviously, I was a bit of a frolic, who like joking and I sometimes hid my mates? bags. However, I was always calm during classes.

When I was 10 years old I wanted to join the order. I do not remember the name of the order, to which I wrote, but I got a reply from the monks. My mother intercepted the letter and told the sisters that there would be a saint in our family. My sisters told me about it.

Then I went to Germany, returned to Poland with money and started ice-cream wholesale services. I bough a van without a compressor and went to Nowa Huta and ŁódĽ to fetch ice-cream. I had to be there at 6 a.m. to load cold ice-cream. I was afraid that the goods might melt due to some misfortune. I was under stress, because I had worked hard in Germany for this. I developed my company and was worried about everything. I worked very hard and started to hire workers, who started to rob me, destroyed my vans and even forged a key to the warehouse. I took inventory once a year.

I made so many investments, that I could not withdraw from the activities. It was a psychical and physical torture for me. I had more troubles for the one month, when I had my business than for the last 5 years. I had my company for 15 years and every year I thought that it would be better next year. And it is good that it did not happen. Years passed. The only thing I thought about was my business. We rented a flat for 11 years, as I spent all my money to invest in my business and exist in the market. Then I bought a bucket production machine. I had a difficult time with the machine. The machine was out of order many times and I slept for several hours a day. The ice-cream season is short and I invested PLN 750,000 in the machine and foil. I paid for ice-cream by delivering packaging on a barter trade basis. Packaging is our body for the soul and the soul is like ice-cream just like in this song ? your hearts are cold as ice. I put the ice-cream in my refrigerators in shops. The beginnings were promising and my business was a good choice. I bought another 10 machines in order to keep up with production and disregarded the fact that there were other larger manufacturers with foreign capital, which took over Polish companies. I even boasted about that I would form an association with wholesalers and we would pay for packaging together. Ice-cream manufacturers saw that there were so many companies, which wanted to purchase packaging and they conducted tender proceedings. When I started my business I had 100 % profit from packaging and then it was 15 % due to production costs. Big companies can do a lot more. They had foil production machines and made 65 % profit on a bucket altogether and I made only 15 %. Later I bought a machine for PLN 700,000 in China and several machines for foil production. It was too late, as I had overinvested. Half a year before my wife had left me. She knew it went wrong and she left me with all that. At the end she said that I was a good man and would not do any harm to our children. She always supported me in bad times and comforted me, when it went wrong in my business. I missed my wife very much, as she had not lived with me in our room. During the last 3 months before she left, she had lived in our son?s room. I was only pleased that she was at home, as I started to feel that something bad was going on. My situation got even worse and I was afraid to get overcome by problems and I felt I was going to fall. My wife felt it. She left me after so many years of hardships. She watched me fall. I even did shopping, but she wanted a different life. Years passed and were gone. She should know that everything I did I did for our children so that they were not hungry. And she left all this. Did she think about the poor children or about herself? Do you remember when you complained about having been abused by boys? And I married you. You know, how it was and now you find out ? save our children and yourself from condemnation. What did you show them? Did you turn our children against me? Did you go to the church with them or just to show off? But you were raised in such a religious family. Save our children, because all I can do is to pray for you, as I am alone. When I went bankrupt, all of you had a great time; my son told me that you threw fireworks in my plant on the New Year?s Eve, when I was dying of bitterness.

During the last period I worked from 7 a.m. till 11 p.m. I closed the company, when the third shift came and took the 2nd shift workers home, as they did not have their own transport means; it was in Żórawina.

I was so much tormented for all those years. I had problems with workers, who knew that I had good intentions. They turned against me. I also had problems with my wife, who did not love me. I wanted her to come back to me and I told her that I could not do without her. She told me that she would never change and when I was angry I told her that she was a mercenary woman, which she confirmed. I forgave you everything and I pray for you. God bless you. I am sorry.

I started to have problems with my sleep. There were times, when I did not sleep for two days and took sleeping pills, to which I became addicted. I even had to take sleeping pills during the day to be able to do anything. When they ceased to work, I felt anxious and started to stammer I took larger and larger doses. When an ice-cream manufacturer arrived, he could see this. I owed some money to him. I showed him that I had bought a new machine in China and I was going to manufacture buckets with a large margin. I had a lot of buckets manufactured and I offered him the goods as well as ice-cream, which I took from him. He told me that he was interested only in money, as it was almost the end of the season. I asked him to help me, as I had invested a lot and would be able to repay my debt next year. He showed no mercy. He made me understand that. Then I broke down, as he was my main customer, who purchased my buckets. My production covered his demand in 80 %. No one wanted to help me in this hard period, when my wife left. No one wanted to take charge of my workers. I offered 50 % more to anyone to take my position. My brother seemed to help me, but I can say that he only carried a broom and when there was a lot to do he sought for an excuse to quarrel with me. An then I had to do everything for him and so it was.

I started to liquidate my business and everything that was leased with banks. I has still debts to repay. I owed one of the debts to the manufacturer, who threatened to bring the case to court and accused me of running away with my property. I was afraid of the proceedings, as I was in a deep depression. I kept crying when I was interviewed by a prosecutor. I was examined by experts physicians, who told me that I was mature and still cried like a baby. The decree was issued. I was sentenced to half a year of prison deferred for two years. I thought I would be sentenced for 10 years of prison. I told the prosecutor that several months before dissolution of my company I had renovated the warehouse, bought a machine worth PLN 700,000 on a leasing basis. How could I deceive anyone? I had more than 10 positions in my company and there were times, when I did not know what to do and I hid in a room, where I could rest. If I was to talk to someone else and explain the same to them, I would get a heart attack. I even noticed that my brother laughed at my problems. I even filled fuel from my fuel dispenser. My brother did not do it carefully and workers only take advantage of it. I was afraid of consequences. I thought I would go to prison and I agreed with my brother that I have to save myself and go to an asylum. I had to do, as my friends, who left the army with a pass did. We used to call an ambulance and said that a soldier was unconscious. We scattered psychotropic pills packets, gave him a lot of calcium so that he was unconscious and some vitamins and after 2-3 weeks he was out of the army. So I did the same. My mother was not at home then, as she had gone to a spa and my brothers and their friend called an ambulance. I had a gastric lavage and I cried, when I was with the doctor. I was taken to hospital and did not say anything about my company there. I said that my wife had left me and that was the reason for my suicidal attempt. I did not want them to think that I was deceiving them. Later, when I cried, as I talked to the prosecutor, he asked me, whether I had undergone any psychiatric treatment and, therefore, he called expert psychiatrists. Later my brother, whom I helped so much persuaded me and said that his friend, with whom he did business, had friends in supermarkets and that we could start a business in his name. And this was what we did. I incurred all investment expenses, as I had the money. We went to Vietnam to sell good to a Vietnamese friend. I gave my brother a large amount of cash, which he was to have given to someone. I never saw the money again and, what is more, he stole my Mercedes. I told him that I would go to police and my mother told me that he would go the police too and tell them that I had pretended to be insane. They told things about me and, later, instead of feeling sorry for me, the entire family looked down on me ? I will tell you later about it. Wouldn?t you break down totally, if your family robbed you of your last money? I moved from my mother?s place and lived alone with my dog in my sister?s place. She has debts, which I started to repay. When I paid PLN 11,000 for one month, I found a letter from a bailiff in the mailbox. It was a letter to my sister. I went to the bailiff and found out that over PLN 100,000 accrued for years. I was very worried. It was another blow. I took all furniture down from the 6th floor without a lift and took them to my friend?s barn. I live without any furniture, with walls scratched. My brother had devastated the flat, when he quarrelled with my sister. I have lived here for 2 and a half years. I am very happy and I can live here till the end of my life and eat dry bread only. I started to get a lot of letters here and I was very scared, deeply depressed and was afraid to leave the flat. I had terrible qualms of conscience. I was afraid that I would find myself on the street someday. When I got up in the morning, I was overcome with great fear. I thought that I had been ill for so long and my children did not have any place to stay in. I found it impossible to make any activity, such as cleaning or going to a post office. I felt, as if I was to take an examination or something like that. I went to my father, because he was ill and suffered very much. We wanted to take our father to a hospice. One day I told my father that I would like to exchange for illnesses with him, as my case was more difficult. My life tormented me. All I wanted to do was sleep and not get up. I cuddled up and cried. I also visited my brother in prison. I helped him a lot and now I also help him. He is addicted to alcohol and when he left prison, he started to drink. I soon found out that this was a bad way to go. When I was losing my business, I turned to God. I did not attend services before and I only watched our Pope. I cried, as if I lost 100 fathers. I started to pray to the Mother of God to save me. I visited several churches every day and spent several hours praying. I cried in the street and at the psychiatrist?s office. I did not know what happened to me. I began to live like a plant. I took antidepressants, which helped me a bit. However, I felt terrible qualms of conscience, which penetrated me. I looked at the homeless and thought that I would become one of them someday. When I visited the churches, I went St. Mary?s Church on Piasek, which I liked most. The priest delivered such pretty sermons and I felt like in a family. I prayed to the Mother of God and cried all the time. Then I found out that Holy Virgin Mary is the patron saint of the church. I kneel at the side of the church kneeling in front of a small picture of the Painful Mother of God. On this year?s day of the Painful Mother of God, I remember sitting in the church, when some lady was playing an instrument. I remember that something physical overcame me and I remember that bliss. I thought that I was going to faint. It must have been someone?s wedding, as, when I was went out of the church, I saw a lot of people dressed white and it was a Saturday. Then I understood that this had been a purification and a sort of purgatory on the earth. I was so much afraid of God and what would happen to me after my death. That is why I managed to stand it. Now I feel my Lord physically and some radiation, when I take the communion. I feel like merging with God and I feel God inside me. It is so strong that I shake all over my body. I often cry before I take the communion. I became very sensitive due to the Holy Ghost and I cry when I hear a song about St. Mary and feel stronger radiation then.

Now I will tell you about, how my wife and I worked very hard. She did her best and stayed up late, because she had good intentions. Perhaps she got scared because of the consequences. Her brother has also been imprisoned. I forgave you everything and I will never be with you. Even in heaven I want to be with my Lord, because I love Him so much.

We were at home with our children when the season ended. We worked until late. Did you know why my workers? Ja¶ brought PLN 10,000 for the sold goods and four of you also brought PLN 10,000. If we get fired, we will put the goods into his private refrigerators, as managers have known us for years and all a new representative can bring is perhaps PLN 500. You worked 5-6 hours, as I found out later. When you went to other ice-cream manufacturing company, you got a car with GPS. The chief new everything about you and I envied you. I also had children, whom I loved.

I also had children and I loved them. I could not liquidate my business, because you knew that I lived in a block of flats and I invested in renovations and construction in the leased area more than PLN 600,000 and I was to leave it and you knew, how I wanted to have this business, as all such businesses in Wrocław had already gone bankrupt. It was owing to that bucket production machine that I managed to maintain my business for so long. Where was I going, my children? I wanted to do best for you and I was going down. How many people go this way and do not realise the danger awaiting on the other side. I was a sinner, who did not take any holy sacraments and I lived in a sin. Why did I lose so little to be so happy?


I will describe signs, contacts with God and visions.

My first sign was a dream I had on the Saturday night. I dreamt that I was a monk sitting in the front row. I helped a sick priest or monk leave the benches and saw a procession of monks approaching. They carried a plate with a body covered on it. When they were passing me I saw the body move and talk to me that it was dying. I called my children to ensure that my parents-in-law were all right. A week later my cousin called and told me that my aunt had died. She was my second mother when I was a child. I went to her to Wolica almost every year with my grandfather. They called my grandfather a spark. My aunt often told me that I would become a priest. She loved me very much and treated like her own son. I did not see her for a long time recently and then I started to visit her. I visited her several times and my children went on holidays to her place. I remember the last time we met. It was after I lost my business. I went to Marian, my cousin, and dropped at my aunt?s place. She was sitting alone on the porch. I hugged her, burst in tears and left at once. I did not want to tell her what had happened.

I asked Marian, when my aunt had died and he told me that she had died on the Saturday night. I told him that I had had the dream a week before. We all prayed at the coffin. I looked at portraits of my cousins and told my aunt to give me a sign. Suddenly I started to breathe fast and I wanted to stop it and started to choke. I ran out of the room. Everyone saw it. I told my cousin, brother and Marian about it.


The second sign

I went to a bookstore at our cathedral and told the shop assistant to recommend a book of prayers to me. She gave me a book of prayers to God?s Mercy. I started to pray and say the chaplet and paid attention to St. Faustine. I took a great interest in the saint and bought her biography. It was very interesting and I wonder, why I read it so late. I gave this book to my daughter. I started to miss the book very much and bought Faustine?s diaries. I started to read in the evenings and wondered, why the diaries made me so sleepy. When I read two pages, my eyes started to close. While I was reading the diary in the evening, suddenly a tiny bright light appeared. It seemed, as if a butterfly fluttered with its wings 3 to 4 times. It was very bright ? like mercury backlit by the sun. I asked myself, why this light was so strong and whether it was possible that such brightness appeared and why it appeared. I went on reading and suddenly a dry palm, which I had received from a priest on the Palm Sunday, fell down. I sprang to my feet and said to Faustine not to scare me so much. I begged her not to scare me, if she was to give me another sign. In the morning I went to the church to confess my sins. The priest told me that this was a sign. I also told my daughter that on 11.30 p.m. I saw this sign. I went to a cemetery, as the priest told me that some soul must have go the Lord and I prayed for a long time. Then I went to Kornów hill in Osobowice and went through Stations of the Cross. I came back home tired and went to bed. Suddenly I heard a voice telling me to get up and read the book. And I though in my dream ? was I talking to myself? And I went on sleeping. And again I heard the words, which I neglected once again. Suddenly I felt a strong pain in my stomach and I sprang to me feet. I looked at my watch and it was the same time, when the first sign appeared, as I told my daughter. When I told my daughter about the second sign, she yelled at me. My daughter, you still do not believe me, treat me bad, but you have to know that someday you will understand. Now I will only pray for you. After I saw the signs I swore chastity to God till the end of my life. I would rather die than insult God with a sin. I do not even sin in thoughts. I have been so embraced by God that I feel like a little boy now. I love you Jesus.

One day I was going back from Skalmierzyce and I thought I would not make it for the holy service in Wrocław and I went to Ole¶nica, where I went to a church in the market. I was surprised that the service was at an end, as in my church it started at 6.30 p.m. I noticed a priest listening to confessions and thought I would go and confess my sins and tell the priest about the signs. I wondered, how he would treat the signs. At least he did not know me. I started to confess my sins and talk to the priest about what had happened to me and that now I lived in a different way and wanted to help people more. The priest interrupted me and told me that Jesus Christ was talking to me. I did not care about the words, as everyone knows that Jesus will listen to what you tell the priest and forgive your sins. I told the priest that it was so good talking to him and that I thought I would stammer. And the priest started to tell me that my explanations were wrong and that I should tell people about it. As a punishment the priest told me to say a chaplet for purgatory souls. I left the confessional and the priest followed me. He was very tall and could be 2 metres or so. I started to kneel several meters in front of the altar. I was so fascinated with the confession and knew, to whom to confess my sins next time. I saw the priest following me, as if he was going to the vestry. After three months I went to Ole¶nica to confess my sins again to the same priest, as when I had confessed my sins to my priest before, he was very cold to me. So I went to Ole¶nica. You priests have to mind such people. The Holy Ghost will sanctify the world. When I entered the church I told myself that I would look for the tallest priest. I asked a nun about the tallest priest and she told me that the priest was going to celebrate a holy service in a minute. I looked at the priest and thought that it was him, as he had a child?s voice. When the service was over, I went to the vestry I told the priest that I had been there three months before. He did not say a word and seemed to be surprised. When I told him about the signs again he told me that the signs appeared so that I would be converted. After the confession I started to wonder, why both confessions were so different, just, as if a different priest listened to me each time. It seemed as if the priest did not know anything about it. Then he told me so many things and now he did not say a word. I felt that the first confession was different than the other. I regretted that I remembered so little, because the very God listened to my confession. I went to Ole¶nica later and told Father Igor that he did not listen to my confession for the first time and he did not say a word. I trusted in my assumptions and I did not hear any reply from the priest. When I swore chastity, I swore to God that I would sacrifice for sinners just like Faustine did. When I went to the cemetery to visit my uncle?s grave, I heard a voice in my soul saying ? you will love me and hate me. I got scared and could not understand, why I should hate my Lord. My Lord explained that I would feel that in contact with people. Afterwards I became very weak and had to lie down on the ground.

I love my Lord so much that I began to worry when I hear souls cold like ice. Why is it like that? Lord lets you love Him. You love and give a part of yourself and Lord gives you million parts. I tell Lord how much I love Him, because I feel His love and I think that this love is nothing. Therefore I have qualms of conscience. Often when I pray I wonder, whether I do it well and why I sometimes think about something else, when I attend a holy service. Why do I spare so little time to my Lord? I love Lord so much and feel His love and, still, I give Him so little. Forgive me, Jesus. Jesus will give graces to you, but you still have to live in grace and the Holy Ghost will sanctify and strengthen His gifts. Pray to the Holy Ghost and trust in Him.

Start to forgive to those, who harmed you and God will forgive you. I noticed that when I forgave everyone, my depression disappeared and I felt, as if I lost a night and got a day. One day I went to a parson in the church on Piasek I told him, how happy I was. After the cold confession he knew what I went through. I talked with him for a while. I carried the diaries of St. Faustine and told him that I would lend the book.

I can tell you that when I was reading the diaries I felt, as if the words Jesus addressed to Faustine were addressed to me. I had doubts many times and needed a sign. Then I opened the book and was guided. It was the light. I told my brother that he may believe it or not, but it was most important what I felt inside. I opened the diary after a few days and Faustine said the same. She said that she wanted to love Jesus more than anyone and now you see that it is all proved. When our Lord gives His love, man cannot understand it, wants to follow Lord and is not afraid of death, as it is nothing compared to what happens in the purgatory.

Why are those children, who died, happy. When you get there you will ask yourself, why you did not die when you were a child. I felt torments of a purgatory soul for a moment. It was a service for a late priest. Jan Krucina, my confession guide, delivered a sermon in the Wrocław cathedral. There were a lot of priests. When I stand during the service, I feel my legs shaking. When the service was at an end and the priest blessed us, the shaking got stronger and I felt a strong pain. I told my Lord that I would lose my consciousness and clang to the bench, my legs and entire body were shaking. Fortunately, there were no people behind me, because they would tell me to go to a doctor. When the shaking ceased, I felt a shooting cold, as if I was on ice for the entire day. I left the church quickly and ran the whole way home. I took a hot bath and stayed in the bathtub for a while.

None of the priest wanted to be my personal confessor, so I went to Ole¶nica for the third time. I prayed in the church in front of a portrait of Virgin Mary and felt radiation. The service started and they sang songs and I felt such bliss and radiation that I fell on my back. I felt someone was resuscitating me and I felt I would die then. I regained my consciousness and started to ask about Father Igor. Someone told me that he was listening to confessions. So I went to the confessional. Father Igor was irritated and told me that he would not be my personal confessor and that he was too young and did not have much experience. I was very disappointed and left the church. I did not know what to do. Was I to lose what I got from you, my Shepherd? St. Faustine wrote that a soul will not attain anything without a personal confessor. I started to go to St. Boniface?s church. One day I noticed flowers scattered in front of the tabernacle and heard some voices in the church. I called a nun and told her that someone had put the flowers there and the nun told me to bring the flowers. I gave her the flowers through bars and started to complain about my fate and told her how I lost everything, do not have anyone, was left by everyone and how I confessed to the priest and I also told her about the priest from Ole¶nica. I told her about the signs I got from God. Next day I went to the church at 3 p.m. and say the nun praying. I started to pray and felt that I could not focus on my prayer I felt that she was praying for me. I wanted to tell to her several times about it, but she did not want to listen to me. I thought that she did not believe me. However, I tried to persuade her and watered flowers in the garden. Then she began to trust me and started to listen to me.

Now I will tell you about the fourth sign. I was reading St. Faustine?s diaries and felt my legs itching around my toes, as if I had an allergy. I started to scratch them with my toes and itching got stronger. So I took a brush and scratched my legs. When it stopped itching I saw that the right leg was badly scratched and on the left leg there was a wound resembling a wound left after a nail. I had had sign before and, therefore, I paid attention to the wound. After three days I took a picture to show it to my daughter, as I was going to visit her on her names day. I took five pictures. I put my legs together to show the difference between them and four pictures were taken in one position. I looked at a zoomed picture and saw that there was a visible cross made of small dots around the wound. I showed this picture to my daughter when I visited her. I started to look at the picture and could not believe my eyes, as each picture was different than the other. In one picture there were dots, whereas there was not a single dot in the other. In one picture the wound was smaller and here was a line instead of a dot. All pictures are different. I showed it to my brother and son and they were very surprised. I did not show the differences to my daughter, as when I started to recharge my mobile, water from a plant started to drop on it and it flooded my mobile. I went to a workshop to have my mobile repaired and was told to collect it in two hours? time. When I came to collect the mobile, they told me to come on the next day. They told me that they had worse cases of damage and managed to repair them, but this was a special one. I told this to my daughter and she took the mobile and told me she knew a good electronic engineer. The mobile is in her car. I though to myself that I had looked at the pictures so many times and did not believe just like St. Thomas. When my wound healed, I looked at it, when I finished my bath. And I was surprised, when I saw that around the scar there were veins in the shape of a cross. I will take a picture and put it in the internet. Recently I got an article, in which Adam Skwarczyński says: ?In these time angels of brightness will go around the world to mark all those, who are a part of my victorious group with a sign of a cross. The star of the pit will have no power over them, even if they are called to undergo great torments and, if some of them are called to shed their blood.? When I started to St. Boniface?s church I started to confess my sins to Father Tokarz. He was my support in those bad times and he told me to describe everything. Then I met him and told him about my vision.

Jesus told to St. Faustine that darkness would fall upon and a glowing cross will appear in the sky. It will be short before the Judgement Day. I think that when this sign appears in the sky you will all run to the church, in which there will be no place for you and priests will lose their consciousness. Those, who have not got converted will start to look for Christians to baptize them. Get converted now and reject the worldly. If you have too much, just give it to the poor and if you think different, you may even hide your property on the Mars and the hand of God will reach you anyway. The worldly things are like Sisyphean activities ? what you have done you will still do. It is like following my example, as I lost everything. I am the example and you still have some time to get converted, reject the worldly and take care of your soul. Do not wait for the last moment, as you may not make it to a priest, when you see the darkness and the sign of a glowing cross. You will be overcome by fear. A priest is Jesus? assistant and you confess your sins to God. I gave you an example. Everyone will have to account even for heart beats and you will need your good acts there. You will have to prove that you prayed, helped others, talked about God, converted and forgave. Do not persuade yourself that you do not go to the church because of priests and only the chosen will stand before God. You cannot be a judge standing before God and explaining, why you did not go to the church and that you disliked a priest or something. Reject this stereotype right now and start to respect priests, as I have already told you.


 I feel that there is something in my soul and I cannot establish a closed contact with Jesus, just as if this evil kept me away from Him. I thought that there had to be something in my soul. And now I know that it is forgiving. I forgive all that have done bad things in my life and I bless them. I started to feel better and better and felt such joy and happiness. Forgive everyone!

I pray in St. Boniface?s church before taking the communion, ponder over the passion and say the chaplet and I feel so weak and, at the same time, I feel such bliss and little pain in the chest. The bliss gets stronger and stronger and I can hear Jesus? voice. I ponder over the passion and I cannot remember further things and I say the chaplet again and I want to think about the passion again. I try to recall this with all my efforts and I do now know what to think about the passion. All I hear is Jesus? voice. On the next day I feel the same and the same happens for the next few days.

I told the nun about it, although I did not want to disclose to anyone that I have contacts with Jesus. I started to confess my sins to Father Tokarz and he told me to write everything down just like St. Faustine did. After some time he suggested that I should look for my personal confessor.

On 26 May I went to St. Mary?s church to say the rosary. I started to complain to Mother of God and told her, what people and my own family did to me and that I was alone. I complained and cried out aloud and I felt weak and fainted. I hit a step in front of me with my forehead. One moment later I opened my eyes and looked at one point. I heard that there were people close to me talking and I understood what they were talking about. I felt something strange just, as if something kept me away from contact with this world. I cannot name this. I felt, as if there was no need for me to come back to this world and I stared at one point. When I regained consciousness after a while I was so happy that I told about it to the nuns and a lady. They started to laugh at me and said that something must have happened to me after I hit the step with my forehead. The lady told me that it was the Mother?s day and Mother of God gave me a sign. The lady thanked me for having prayed for her. I was surprised that she knew about it, as I said Ave Maria for her indeed. And she told me the same a few days later. I often see the lady in the church or cemetery on All Saints? Day. Then an ambulance arrived and they wanted to take me to hospital, but I refused. I went back to the holy service and took Jesus into my heart.

When I started to lose consciousness during holy services in churches, I felt God?s radiation so strong that I had to cling to a bench. After the communion I felt so weak and lost consciousness several times and I breathed with a song rhythm. I feel very strong radiation in front of paintings and figure of Our Lady of Fatima in St. Boniface?s church. When a priest passes me carrying the figure of Jesus I nearly faint. When a priest approaches with the figure of Jesus I can feel him approaching. Once in St. Boniface?s church I took the communion kneeling, while everyone was standing. A priest approached me at the end and I felt radiation just as if I was given Jesus. I can feel Jesus physically so strong when I take the communion. I lost consciousness, when I attended the holy service in St. Trinity?s Church. When I took the communion, I started to step back as a priest approached me, just as if Jesus pushed me back. I was frightened and worried about the fact that Jesus pushed me back. Now I want to tell you that this was a sign for priests. It was a holy service of St. Trinity. A week later I went to the church with my children, as I wanted them to support me. I took the communion and I felt so weak and I could not get up and I fell forwards. After a while I saw my son and my daughter crying. I started to explain, but she did not believe me. I felt strong radiation and bliss when I heard a song: ?there are many hearts that do not know the gospel? and I fell down just as if I finished playing the song together with the organs player.

During a church fair pilgrims arrived from Mariampol from Our Lady of Mariampol. I sat at the Lady in the side aisle and a holy service was held in the main aisle. When they went to the altar, where Mother of God was and started to pray singing I felt radiation and my breath was short and slow and I got even weaker. They could see this and held me by my hands when I fell. They took me out of the church, as I had nearly fainted.

After a holy service in the cathedral at about 9.00 I kneeled in front of the painting of Mother of God and said the rosary. A priest said that the holy service will be held in a small room. I thought that this was all right, as it would be quiet and I could pray more. I prayed, started to feel radiation and they still tread on my toes. I looked to the side and saw that the side benches had been occupied. I prayed and felt stronger radiation and I got even weaker. I started to breathe aloud and suddenly I lost consciousness. I was taken outside and they asked me in Polish about my nationality. I told them that such things often happened to me.

I went to the church to confess my sins on the first Friday of the month. I wanted to confess my sins to the priest, who had treated me so coldly last time. I wanted to tell him everything, why I lost my consciousness so often, but there was Father Piotr in the confessional and he told me that he could not listen to my confession. He told me to explain why I fell and what I eat. I told him that Jesus also fell, when he carried the cross, but he would not listen to me. At the end he told me to go to an exorcist. Earlier I had met an orthodox priest and he told me to go to the Carmelites? Order. I associated those two cases, as the priests knew each other. I said to myself: ?So an exorcist will cast out the devil. All right, let him do so, as the devil tempts me so.? I got a little bit annoyed with those accusations. I told Jesus that I would go and complaint about it to the priest from the cathedral. I went to confess my sins to Father Jan Krucina for the first time and he told me not to go to an exorcist. I told him that I would go and please everyone. I went to Father Mieczysław, an exorcist and, after the first confession, he told me that it would be all right. During another confession I told him that something happened to me in the Carmelites? church on 13 July and the devil started to tempt me and told me not to go to celebrate a holy service in the Carmelites? church. When the holy service ended, I sat in the front row and felt very strong radiation coming from the painting of Our Lady of Carmelites, which stood at the altar and I felt such a bliss that I could not leave Mother of God and Jesus. The exorcist invited me to come to a healing service. I went to the holy service and the priest told me that he would walk with the figure of Jesus. When he was approaching I felt a strong pain in my chest. I did not see the priest, but I could feel, as if I was stabbed in my heart. I cried out and lost consciousness while I was standing. I wanted to get to the priest after the service, but there were too many people around him. I got scared, as a man, who helped me to get up, told me that Jesus had scared me. On the next day I went to confess my sins to Father Jan Krucina, who became my guiding confessor. I told him everything, but he did not tell me, why I felt that so strong. I did not go to the exorcist after that fall. One month later I asked my confessor, whether I could go to a healing service again and he told me to go there. When I was at the healing service for the second time and a prayer for healing started, I started to breathe deeply and perspire. Then a priest said that he would bless everyone. At first, I did not want to go and thought that I would wait until the priest went with the figure of Jesus. I thought so and perspired a lot. I could not imagine to have been at a service and not be blessed and I felt radiation getting stronger when I approached the priest and my breath was deeper and deeper. I felt that my breath got deeper and deeper as I approached the priest. The priest blessed and looked at me breathing so deep that I thought my lungs would burst out. The last breath was so strong that I fell with my head forwards. When I regained my consciousness, they took me to the priest and he congratulated me. During the first healing service I was touched by Jesus. And during the second service Jesus blessed me. Then I went to the priest to talk to him in private and I told him a lot. He asked my, why I was breathing so deep and I told him that I breathed so, when I told my Lord that I wanted to die with Him. That is why I breathed like that. When I attended a holy service of the cross one day a priest said that Jesus? lungs had collapsed and then I thought that by this breathing my Lord showed my his death.

I lost my consciousness three time on the 13th day of each month. I lost my consciousness for the first time, when a lady gave me a banner with Our Lady of Rosary, i.e. on the 13 June. During the mess I felt radiation all the time and clang to the banner. When the celebration started and some lady was singing beautifully, the radiation increased several times and then I could not stand it and I fell.

During the other holy service of Our Lady of Fatima in the Carmelites?s church on 13 July I started to take the communion and got weak. Another priest wanted to give me the communion once again and told me to take it and lift my head up several time. I was weak and got up to sit on the nearest bench. I knelt and listened to songs about Mary with such words ? ?I give my body and soul to Mother of God?. Suddenly, I felt such strong radiation that I fell with my head to the ground. They took me outside and called an ambulance, but I refused to go to the hospital. They took me back to the priest and told me that the priest would put a scapular on me. When he started to put the scapular on me, I felt very weak and they held me by my hands. My nose started running.

On 13 August I went to St. Boniface?s church in Wrocław to attend a holy service of Our Lady of Fatima. As I was entering the church, I noticed an elderly lady, who worked in the garden. I also worked in the garden, so I knew her. I told her that I was looking for a place, as I was afraid I would lose my consciousness again. She told me to sit next to her. When the holy service started and they approached me with the figure of Mother of God I felt radiation and pain. As they got closer and closer I thought I would burst out. My nose was running, I cried and shivered, as the figure of Mother of God passed me by and I lost consciousness. They started to resuscitate me and I felt strong and quick convulsions. It was the strongest ever. They took me to the fifth station when I got better. Then I felt weak and had to go out. In September and October nothing like that happened to me. In November I felt an ecstasy, when they passed me by with the figure of Our Lady of Fatim. My nose was running all the time and I felt such bliss. I tell you this to make you believe and I do not want you to think that I brag about it. In these times you have to recognise such signs. Jesus loves me and you the same way. This is the time and place and it is not far from eternity in heaven.

An ambulance arrived and doctors started to poke at me. I did not react, as I did not want them to interrupt my ecstasy and I did not know how I would behave. They wanted to lift me up and take me out. I regained full consciousness only when the service ended and then I left the church with them. They asked me why I behaved like that in the church. I told them that I felt God?s radiation and got a message from Jesus. Meanwhile they examined me, told me to fasten the belt and wanted to take me to hospital. I refused, but they told me to go. I got out of the ambulance and saw that they had brought me to an asylum. I told to myself that I would not tell the doctor what I had told them, as I was afraid they would lock me up in that asylum. I apologised to Jesus and explained to the doctor that they called an ambulance so many times and I only played a trick. I told that that this was the truth and they took me to her to find out, whether I was telling the truth. They saw that I was in a bad state, my nose was running and my blood pressure was high (200/100). Then why did they not take me to a normal hospital. And what, if something happened to me? This is what is told her. I got a discharge summary.

I also felt souls of the dead and purgatory souls.

I felt a soul for the first time, when I was in St. Boniface?s church and prayed in front of the Holiest Sacrament. They were leaving the church carrying a coffin and I felt weak and cold shivers all over my body. I went to Father Tokarz right away, who celebrated the service I told him about what had happened to me. He was a bit scared and told me to go on praying and calm down.

I started to go to a cemetery frequently and I prayed for souls of the dead. As I was walking through a cemetery and saying the chaplet, I saw that they were paying last tributes to a dead person. I stood behind and prayed. Then I felt radiation and got closer and closer. It was a holy service. I stood right in front of the coffin and felt radiation even stronger. I kept on praying and, after a while, I lost consciousness and fell with my head to the ground. I heard people panicking and asking, who I was. When I regained my consciousness I told them to say the chaplet. They called an ambulance and doctors examined me. Everything was all right and my sugar level was normal. On Fridays I went to the cemetery and prayed for souls of the dead. Once I even met Jolka from Nasłowice and told her everything. Then she told me that I had lost so much and I thought that she should know that I had gained even more. I told her that it was not so long ago when we had been 19 and now I was 50. And we met in this place. I recognised her, even though she was wearing sunglasses. When I had had my own company we cooperated and she had a shop. Now I see a lot more things than before. For example, I saw an angel just, as if he was painted. It happened when I was sitting on the bench in the church. The angel is a real devil and when you look at the bench he looks like an angel.

I always get signs from the dead, whether stronger or weaker, and I understood that stronger signs come from those, who believed in God stronger than others. Once when they took a coffin out of the chapel I had to go down to my knees, as I got very weak. Nuns were walking in the procession and therefore I realised it. Once I found my friend?s grave. The grave used to be found in the centre of the cemetery and then it was near the fence at the exit. I thought that it was not his grave, but a mere coincidence. Then I stood by the grave and saw that it was also Krysia?s grave and then I knew that it was my friend?s grave. Krysia had introduced me to my ex-wife. I said the chaplet for her. I did not say the chaplet for my friend, as he had committed suicide. It was also his father?s grave. His father had arrived from Greece and was a communist. I went to Krysia?s mother and told her that I found her family?s grave. I started to go to the cemetery and pray at the grave. Suddenly I heard a voice in my soul saying: ?Save me!? It was a scary voice. I asked who it was and the voice told me that it was from hell and was speaking through the devil. I kept on praying. I hear the voice and asked one again. Then I heard a woman?s voice, which was probably my friend?s voice. I asked, if she loved God in the Holy Trinity and she told that she loved Him very much. She also told me that she missed God very much. I started to talk with the soul and asked her how she was there. She told me that it was very dark and wet and she was lying in a pool of water, was very cold and afraid of bogeys. I wanted to find out, what she had done when she was alive, as I wanted to confirm that this was my friend?s soul. She told me that she had had three children. I asked her to tell me something more. She told me that when she was a child she had slept in one bed with her brother Janusz. She told me that her mother had kissed her cheek when she said goodbye to her. I went to the grave several times to find out more details. I went to her mother and asked, whether the woman had had three children. She confirmed and I told her about what I had heard from Krysia. She told me that I had heard all this from Ledecki and shut the door. I went to Ledecki, as he was the one alive of all my friends in this parish church. I did not have much friends. I asked, whether Krysia had had three children. He told me that she had had two children ? a son and daughter and told me that he did not know that Krysia had died. I went to Krysia?s grave and kept talking to her and asked her to tell me more so that I could go to her mother and tell her. She told me that she had often went to Sarbinowo, as she liked walking in the park and that once her son nearly drowned in the sea. I was careful, as I did not want to be deceived by the devil passing himself off as Krysia?s soul. I went to Ledecki and asked him, whether Krysia had often gone to Sarbinowo and whether he could confirm this, as there are many towns at the sea. He only told me to stop visiting her mother. Later I met him and asked, whether he had changed and felt that he did not believe me.

I went to the cathedral and it was a holy service in memory of a priest, who had died recently. Father Jan Krucina said the sermon and there were a lot of priests. When I got up my legs started to shake and when the priest started to bless us I started to feel a terrible pain all over my body and I clang to the bench. I begged God to make me unconscious. Suddenly everything disappeared. I looked behind and there was no one. I felt so terribly cold just, as if I had been lying in ice for all day. I left the church quickly, went home and had a hot bath. I told my priest during my confession about it. When the priest had delivered the sermon on 1 November I also felt radiation at every grave and it was both strong, and weak radiation. When I visited a grave of a dead person, who had not been Christian, I did not feel any radiation and the cross was ripped off. One day I went to Sobótka to visit my uncle?s grave. My uncle had hung himself. I felt the radiation and started to pray for him. I thought that my Lord was merciful.

Later in November I visited a grave with the crescent, felt the radiation and realised that they would not find their place with God, as only saints are with God. On All Saints? Day I did not feel any radiation. I visited several graves and felt no radiation. Where were they? Only God knew. When I went to the cemetery on 2 November before 3.00 p.m., there was a holy service in memory of a dead person. I prayed to God to take the person to heaven and said the chaplet for him. I took the communion and burst out in tears. I got a sign, which I cannot explain. You poor people go to a funeral, as if you went to a sort of a show. I saw that no one was praying and everyone was only looking at one another. You do not know, but tomorrow you may be there too. Do you want to choose the purgatory? You take the body, which is to be cremated on the next day! God wants to save you and make you happy and He will do something great for you. I feel it now that I am here. Our whole nation is to be this spark. Our Pope started all this. We are God?s sparks and this will spread all over the nation. I am a Pole just like you and God chose us. Our fathers gave us an example and like king Sobieski we have to fight for our faith. We are really lucky that it is our nation, which is going to spread this spark all over the world. Let us rejoice in return of Jesus Christ, the King of the World. My fellow countrymen! Go back to Poland. God guards our nation. Reject the worldly and get used to a new better life. Love God and let Mother of God have custody over the entire world. We Christians have to join and create one family in these last times. I felt such holiness in you. I even bought a tape with Orthodox songs. When I was kneeling in your church I felt strong radiation and some lady gave me a handkerchief, as my nose was running badly. It was the Cyril and Method?s church in Wrocław. When I prayed in front of your holy painting I felt radiation in the church located at the fair.

In October I went on a pilgrimage to Częstochowa with a group of Jesus the King. On the bus I made acquaintances with some people and told them what had happened to me. Some lady told me that she remembered when they put a scapular on me during a holy service in the Carmelites? church and they held me by my hands, as I was very weak. We prayed all night, when we were coming back I learnt a lot from them and they learnt a lot from me. I got from a young girl some articles, which I later read and found out a lot. I was also invited to come to the Holy Spirit?s teaching held in a church, which I used to visit when I was a child. It was the Carmelites? church in ul. Ołbińska. On 30 October I attended a holy service and stayed to participate in teachings. At the end the priest told everyone to approach the baptismal bowl, wet their hands and make a sign of the cross. When I approached the bowl I got weaker and weaker and when I made a sign of the cross I felt very weak and had to sit in the front row and went down on my knees. Suddenly I got scared, as I thought the planet fell down on me, I cried out and lost my consciousness. When I regained consciousness I felt very cold and I even put my hands together. An ambulance arrived, but everything was all right with me.

Before the address from God I had felt Jesus so strong when I took the communion. The priests, who gave me the communion, should have noticed this. It was in the Carmelites?s church in ul. Ołbińska, in the Church of Our Lady of Mariampol on Piasek and in St. Boniface?s church. I kneeled in the front row and felt it so strong for the first time when I came back from a pilgrimage and it was the day of Jesus, the King of Poland. I was at a Latin service and when I took the communion I could not get up, cuddled up and began to shiver all over my body. I felt something indescribable. I felt God inside me.

Now when I ponder over the passion in the morning and say the chaplet and close my eyes, I can see a little cross glowing and there is Jesus on the cross on a dark background and His face is white. I look at the passion cross, say the chaplet and ponder over the passion and this cross whitens on the sides, as if it was in a white shadow. And I can swear that when I look at Jesus? face from the side, I can see the entire white cross.

When I watch TV it seems to be funny and useless, just as if someone told me about Lenin now. When I see people in their cars, sitting in bars and pubs I feel that they waste their time for something useless. Why are they so silly? I look at them and see, as if they were on the Titanic. Once I watched the Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson and said the chaplet. When Mother of God cried, I felt shivers down my spine and I cried, too. And I heard it again and again.

When I was at a holy service on the day of Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary and I took the communion I felt Jesus so strong that I sat in the first row. When I felt worse I sat in the third row and heard that they were going to sing songs about Mother of God. When they started singing I felt ecstasy and my body and head started to move to the rhythm of the song. I felt my head falling down when the song ended and it repeated for some time until I lost my consciousness.

On Sunday I went to the Church of Our Lady of Mariampol on Piasek. When I took the communion I felt weak and felt Jesus so strong that I do not know how to describe it. I kneeled in front of the altar for 10 minutes or so and then I sat in the side row and felt very weak. Then next to me I noticed children preparing for their First Holy Communion. Then I went away, as I felt a little better. I prayed, said the rosary and cherished Mother of God.

I describe all this for you, as you are going to feel the same soon. Jesus makes no exceptions and, if He does, He does it for a short period of time. You will not even have time to look around and you are going to feel even more than I do. Love Jesus with all you heart and soul just like He wants your love. You have to be patient. Blessed be those, who did not see and, yet, believed. Always live in grace and reject sins in these last moments. You may even join orders and swear chastity to God, just as I did. I love you and bless you. Embrace me with Your Spirit.

When I was on a pilgrimage to Częstochowa and prayed before the communion, the evil passed itself off as Jesus and told good things only. At the end it said that I was to rule the group. I thought that I did not know them and should not rule and they would decide themselves. I would not impose myself on them or they would fob me off. One has to be humble, listen to others and answer with humbleness. When the evil felt that I knew about it, then Jesus started to talk to me again. I told the evil to go away and knew that Jesus would not interrupt. I am guided by the Holy Spirit and I have to distinguish between the good and evil.

I prayed before the communion in St. Boniface?s church and I felt very sleepy. I said the chaplet and pondered over the passion and suddenly I got weaker in a different way and heard a voice similar to that of Jesus. I kept on praying and nearly went to sleep and suddenly I could not even say the chaplet, my eyes closed and I heard a voice saying ? go to sleep and have some rest. I woke up and thought that I could not even say the chaplet, just as if I did not know how to do it. I asked God, if He loved me and the voice said that he did. I asked the voice whether it was God?s voice and he said he was. And I asked the voice, whether it loved God in Holy Trinity and it said that it hated it. He wanted to take me by surprise in Częstochowa. And that was why I did not feel the radiation there. The evil even said that it loved Mother of God and when I recognised the evil, I heard bad words spoken to me. Once I was even insulted by having been called an ?eunuch? and I was beset by them. I got indecent proposals and could not get away from it. I even confessed my sins every day, when I heard such proposals. Even when I said Jesus to go away I was still beset. I confessed my sins and told my confessor about it and he almost shouted at me, when I told him that the evil had beset me.

I watch the Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson and start to laugh and rejoice. I hid under the blanket and asked myself, why I was laughing.

What I am going to tell you know exceeded all limits of audacity. When I flooded a flat underneath, I saw a message in my door saying that I should see to the administrator about the flooding. I went to the administrator and had some lady examine my bathroom. She was looking around the bathroom. Suddenly she bent over and I felt such adrenalin in my blood, as if I had not seen a woman for 100 years. I ran out of the bathroom. She followed me and told me that my flat was in a bad condition. When I flooded my neighbours again, she came again and I felt all right. You have to see, who tempts us. You think that you think about something and the evil prompts you to do something. The evil interferes with our prayers, distracts out attention during holy services and, particularly, before the communion. He does not want us to think about Jesus, whom we are to take to our hearts. Try to see this. The evil wants us to be indifferent. How many people left God because of this. They ceased to attend holy services and forgot, where they live and feel, as if they ruled on the earth. I never felt like I ruled. I had my company, nice car, but I was in a constant rush doing my money. I did not see my kids. I do not know who raised the kids. I headed towards hell unaware of the fact. I was dormant and did not even realise the danger. When I think about what I used to be like, I feel terrible qualms of conscience and I know I had sinned.

I read a book about Marian apparitions in recent times. Jan Bosko describes his pupils and wondered, where they would be now, if they had died. I immediately thought about my sins and my life without holy sacraments. You can take me as an example ? why I lost so much money and not eternity. Some time ago I drank beer in the park and now I pray and kneel until my legs are bruised. I could have set up another business in Vietnam. Why did I commit so many sins then? You do not even realise just as I did not realise either. Wake up now! Now that I understood where I was going I got scared. I started to love God so much and I feel safe with Him. I feel overcome with holiness, so great purity and omnipotence that such sins seem even more terrible to me. God is so good to us, He created such a beautiful planet. He is so merciful and gave this to us for free and He wants to give us heaven and eternal life. Why don?t you love God and why do you do all this? Wake up just like I did. Do you have to lose everything to wake up? Why do you choose momentary prosperity? Please understand it at last jus as I did. You are here to give God His love back and you have to know that everything depends on Him. Please wake up as I did.

I often listed to the Pope, when blessed the Basilica of God?s Mercy in Łagiewniki and he said about the spark and each time I felt shivers down my spine. Earlier I also felt this several months ago, but it was for a time. I told my confessor about it. When I pray to the passion cross I often see hues, just as if the cross was in a mist and when I look to the side, the cross comes back to the same side.

Once I said that God would give such power to me and I would go down to the hell as a warrior of Mother of God. I would take a large mesh with me to capture them all and then the Virgin Mary will follow me. I felt such shivers down my spine and wanted to destroy them forever. This is my vision ? the man will do what he has done to people. How many people has he killed forever? When I said that a card with the passion cross fell down and I saw stickers falling off and I did not get scared, but even smiled.

Once when I watched the Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson I started to laugh, hid under the blanket and could not believed what had happened. At the beginning I was beset by them. When I told Jesus to go away I was beset in such a way that I felt it physically. I went to confess my sins every day. Once a priest even shouted at me. Then I neglected it, laughed at it and it stopped.

If anyone cannot believe, I can play a record with the Pope saying about the spark and you will see gooseflesh on my hands.

My wife left me and condemned me to death. My brother robbed me and my all property was stolen by my mate, who once deceived my brother. Judas! I forgave you and I pray for you. My mother was on the brother?s side and everyone left me. They said it was my fault and not my brother?s and that he was right in robbing me. My sister told me on the telephone about it and I recorded the conversation. Later I will put in on my website. My mother used to tell other brothers to leave them and now she did this to me, because I quarrelled with her 4 years ago ? St. Peter. Exorcist ? Pilate, now they tell me to go to a doctor ? Herodotus.

I will tell you about my visions of hell. I have already mentioned Jan Bosko. Jan Bosko describes his pupils and wondered, where they would be now, if they had died. I said that he had seen an abyss so hot that it was white. When they fell down the abyss and a boy ripped his skin off the face and wailed. You do not die there. Sister Simma describes her meetings with purgatory souls in 1956. She heard a soul of 1660. I do not want to scare you, but I feel that something is going on the other side. What danger waits there for us? When I talked with my brother about God he did not want to tell me anything, as he said that was his business. When I talked to a group in the Carmelites? church, some lady interrupted and told me that it was her business and she would not tell anyone, what she did with her husband in bed. Now you see why I received the message from Jesus. I share everything with you. Why don?t you want to share with me? Perhaps you could teach someone something. Why does Jesus wants to visit us now and not in 2 million years? Perhaps you have too much. You have to be humble, because this led people to what is going to happen in a short period of time. We have forgotten that we live in a house created by God, but we have to repay Him. And we do not even do that? Love Him!