A horrible fight for your immortal souls is pending ? the 3rd World War as Lucifer?s plan

A horrible fight for your immortal souls is pending. Lucifer?s plan is to cause the 3rd World War in order to destroy the humankind finally and possess as many souls as he can.

A fear against a disaster and hunger is a factor, which has a significant influence on manipulating with people.

The freemasonry, which is under influence of the Satan, will prepare the 3rd World War. These are people with powerful influence and a lot of money.

I will call you stupid. The kingdom of the Satan is at the depth of the heart of the Earth.

It is unimaginably hot there. You will feel the pain with your senses just like here on the earth, but you will not die there.

God gave you lives. His Son suffered terribly and died for us. We are His property and you should show your respect for Him. You have to go through the Last Judgement, no matter, whether you want it or not. You will be given a new body there and will live forever.

The freemasonry and some religion will promote their messiah and biblical antichrist that will start to beguile the humankind and impose their opinions on all. They will start to implant the antichrist?s chips under your skin and he will agree to give you some bread.
Nowadays, we Christians, have to unite and fight the evil. We have to save the humankind. We will be protected by Jesus and Mother of God who will prepare the world for the events. Mother of God warns us against all, that the evil has prepared. I would like to warn the entire church that they should prepare for the events.

The Enthronisation of the Holiest Heart of Jesus is most important for Poland and the world. Remember to protect parishioners against hunger so that they would not be beguiled by the Satan. 

God bless you