Apocalypse 2017

Wake up, Poland! Jesus is going to be enthroned the King of Poland . In 2017 there will be an important holiday ? the 100th anniversary of Revelations of Our Lady of Fatima.
I have been inspired and thought that something may happen in 2017. I felt shivers then and when I thought again that everything may start with the nuclear disaster.
Earlier when I read the 3rd Secret of Our Lady of Fatima and read about China?s attack on Russia, I started to cry spontaneously. After several days my son visited me and I read this to him, I felt shivers and had needles and pins all over my body. I showed this to him.
When I pray and add my own word to worship God or Mother of God I feel shivers. 
When I travelled around Poland, I told people that I felt shivers and had needles and pins, when I mention that in 2017 there will be a nuclear war. I get shivers and see my hair standing on my both hands. There are 2-3 persons, who felt the same and it is a confirmed sign from the Holy Spirit. 
I often start to shiver when attending a holy mass. When a priest tells that the holy mass is to commemorate a decreased person, I pray for him or her, take my holy communion and often feel shivers.
When I ask a soul at the cemetery, whether he or she needed a prayer and whether he or she was in the purgatory I get shivers and whether he or she was in the heaven ? I get shivers twice and the second time is the strongest.
When I attend holy masses, tear roll over my face before I take my holy communion. When I do take it, I can feel God physically in my body.
1997 ? the Pope?s arrival to Poland (Wrocław) ? The Eucharistic Congress ? followed by a great flood  
2007 ? I lose my business and experience terrible depression and despair
2017 ? the 100th anniversary of Revelations of Our Lady of Fatima
I lost my consciousness three times in 2012 when I attended celebrations to commemorate Our Lady of Fatima. It was on the 13th day of June, July and August. It was very strong in August. On the 13th day of each month of celebrations to commemorate Our Lady of Fatima I can feel the ecstasy. 
I provide instructions how to protect a flat or house from gas, which is to appear during the three days of darkness. You should buy a lot of food in 2016, possibly the cheapest (cereals), polystyrene boards and several foams withstanding the temperature of -25oC and expiry period of 3 years.
You should clad windows and doors with the polystyrene board and tie with a band. Join each element with the foam and provide pieces of the polystyrene board to ensure a space for foam filling. The window sill and floor should also be sealed with the foam and pieces of polystyrene. There has to be min. 1.5 cm of foam.
There has to be relatively warm at home for the foam to bind. Your should provide gas stoves and get rid of old tile stoves, seal stove and ventilation holes, preferably using silicon or polystyrene foam in order to prevent penetration of gas.
Tell your families to go back to Poland. They are exposed to danger abroad.
Go back to Poland.
In 2017 there will be a nuclear war and everything will start.
God be with you!
A meteorite fell on Russia in 2012 ? a warning 
The Pope abdicated ? He knows about everything.
During the celebration of the Pope?s abdication, two thunders struck the St?s Peter?s Basilica in Rome: why did not you reveal the Third Secret of Our Lady of Fatima in good time. How many people are to die?
The long winter ? I leave in the spring and tell that the nuclear war will still come and the disasters and hunger is a penalty imposed on people by God for their sins.
On the 21st day of December the Mayas predicted the end of the world and my website appeared on the 23rd of December 2012. 
Priests did not want to reveal the Third Secret of Our Lady of Fatima. They were afraid of panics. Now priests collect my leaflets in churches. Perhaps they do not want any panics. 
You priests should prepare people spiritually and in case of hunger.
I go to the streets to tell you, what is going to happen soon.
This is the last Pope ? you will find Malachi?s prophecies.

Gas has greater penetrating properties compared to water; windows and doors secured in other manner will not protect you. My advice involves an effective protection.

When a nuclear conflict breaks out, you should have prepared polystyrene boards, connected them with foam in order to create a mould for windows, doors, ventilation holes and chimneys. You have to leave a 3 cm gap to insert polystyrene parts, which should be set deeper. The foam should cover the entire structure. Nothing should be seen, but the foam. You should have prepared such moulds for doors, windows, ventilation holes and chimneys. When three days of darkness come, the temperature difference will be -30-40°C compared to the current season?s temperature.

Earthquakes and thunders

Protect yourselves from gas, cold and external conditions. Tell everyone about the three days of darkness and protection against it. In 2016 you should buy polystyrene boards with the thickness of 5 cm, foam suitable for the temperature of -25°C. You should buy more and share with you relatives and neighbours, who do not understand, what I say.

Go back to Poland, as you are in danger abroad!

God bless you.