Wrocław 22/04/2019 This mistake will lead the Jewish people to destruction.

I warn the Jewish people of all Jews living all over the world, which has been given to me by the Lord God the Holy Spirit.

If you do not withdraw from it and do not reject it, the son of the destruction of the biblical antichrist, the impostor who has already seduced many of you with the miracles he makes with the power of evil. Which one thinks is given, he tells you that he is your predicted messiah.

You are exposed to the terrible wrath of God!

And that's what you send the punishment of God upon yourself!

I repeat, if you do not abandon this deceiver, you will be put to death, annihilated, clashed in dust. You share what the people of Sodom and Gomorrah have experienced.

Nuclear missiles will be thrown at your country by your enemies.

Lord God Jesus Christ Son of God, the Messiah who lived and walked this earth more than 2,000 years ago, who humbled himself so much, he exhausted himself so terribly for you. He sought to save all of us and let us have eternal life. And you have rejected him to the Jewish people, your Messiah.

Satan has used this and sent you a son of perdition now who lies to you and deceives you that he is the one you are waiting for.

God will come again in the same way that he went to God the Father over 2,000 years ago. People will see God the Lord Jesus Christ on the clouds, who will come in the glory of God the Father, with angels and saints to judge people.

So the one who speaks to you and thinks himself to be the messiah is a mere crook, the biblical antichrist, the deceiver of humanity foretold by the holy prophets. The son of evil wants to humble people, to seduce them and to bring them to the abyss of hell of horrible eternal horror. The Lord God warns you of his evil servants.

With God