Who do you listen to? Do you know who appears to you?

When I left my leaflets, priests collected them, while in the church in ul. Grabiszyńska in Wrocław they warned people of false prophets during the holy service. I stopped distributing the leaflets, as they discouraged me from that, not to mention the priests who saw what was going on with me and knew me. They told nuns to collect the leaflets.

I was at a healing service in Księże Małe and someone gave me a leaflet about the radiant Cross and there was a warning in the leaflet. I thought that this related to my leaflets. It turned out that the leaflet related to Mary of Mercy of Ireland. I placed the leaflet on my website and was pleased that there was someone, who also had similar visions. I told this to my confession guide and he chastened me for taking the leaflet. I thought that I did not know the lady and should not support her.

I wrote on Adam Skwarczyński?s website that the spark will tell about the Return of Jesus Christ and the lady from Ireland said something similar. When I read on a website that someone told that she thought that Benedict was the last pope, I felt evil in it. If she writes such nonsense, where is her message from?

These are the last times, in which such people are guided by the Holy Spirit by His inspiration and other signs. You have to feel what is good and bad. You cannot obey and respect something of which you are not sure.

When I prayed in St. Mary?s Church on Piasek in Wrocław I saw a figure of an angel on the bench. It was so visible, as if it had been painted. I told my son to take a picture. When he gave me the picture, I could not believe what I saw.

Look at the picture and if you cannot see it, let me describe it ? a trumpet reaching the ground, ears; the angel seems to be burnt out and has visible wings. Perhaps this is the angel that the lady is listening to. What can be there inside? Perhaps the lady is not aware of it. She tells good things about God and adds that information about the pope. She says that things have gone wrong in Vatican. This is my example of the cunning nature of evil. I will trace information on her website and now I can advise her that she should go to a good exorcist.

I found a website, on which some man of Islamic religion said that Jesus Christ was not a God. I can feel Jesus, when I take the communion and his physical presence in my body is indescribable. The man worshipped Mahomet. I do not want to offend Islamists, but I think that their prophet, whom they devised, is close to Cain, Hitler and Stalin. Wake up! It is another generation of Islamists, who go the wrong way. Where are your ancestors and fathers. If they had risen from the dead, they would tell you. You should turn to Jesus Christ, as only He can save you. You will soon understand, when all I say and Jesus told me comes true. I am merely a tool in the hands of our God and you will then understand that Jesus is our King and son of our God. Jesus loves you as much as He loves us. He worries and cares about you, waits for you and he had died for our sins.