What faith will look for miracles and why

If someone creates some faith, he sees a great vacuum and no signs from God. They refer to some prophet, because they have no one to refer to. They wait for a sign. And suddenly there appears someone, who persuades them, manipulates them and shows them tricks and miracles and says that he is their messiah. The messiah, for whom they have waited so many years. What will they do? What faith will that be?

I suppose, but I am not sure and, therefore, I will not tell you. It will not be long, when a misleading agent is created as forecast by our prophets and saints. They have warned humankind by the Mother of God. The antichrist will behave like an innocent child, whereas it will be a dragon devouring your immortal souls. Jesus Christ is the king of this world. It is Jesus Christ the Saviour, who die for you such a terrible death and we belong to Him. Only Christ can save us and lead you to His Father and your God. There is no other way. I would like to warn you now, as there are your last years before the return of Jesus Christ. Get yourself prepared for the events.

You have a free will and reason in your souls and will go the way, that you deserve. This life is a fraction of a second to eternity. Save your immortal souls. The evil that you serve will behave like Stalin used to. There is an eternal fire and lava and they tell you: destroy, destroy and destroy. Whom to destroy?

Get converted!

God bless you