1.   + Oh, Saviour of the world, I join with your mercy. My Jesus, I join all my sufferings with yours and put them into the treasury of the Church for the benefit of souls.

  2. Today I was in the hell abyss led by an angel. It is a place of immense punishment with such a vast area. I saw the following torments: the first torment, which constitutes the hell, is the loss of God; the second torment involves continuous qualms of conscience; the third torment ? this fate will never change; (160 the fourth torment ? it?s a fire, which will penetrate a soul, but will not destroy it, it is a terrible torment, a purely spiritual fire lit by God?s anger; the fifth torment ? is a continuous darkness, terrible suffocating smell and although it is dark, the Satan and damned souls can see one another and they can see the evil of others and their own; the sixth torment- is a continuous presence of the Satan; the seventh torment is a terrible despair, God?s hatred, vituperation, swear words and blasphemy. These are torments, which are suffered by all the damned and this is not the end of their torments. There are particular torments of souls, which are torments of senses ? each soul has sinned and it is tormented by the sin in a terrible and indescribable way. There are terrible dungeons and torment abysses, where one torment is distinguished from the other; I would die seeing those terrible torments, if I did not have omnipotent God?s support. Let a sinner know, by which sense he sins and he will be tormented by the sense (161) eternally. I am writing this being instructed by God and no soul should deny existence of the hell or the fact that no one has been there and knows nothing about it.

I, sister Faustyna, have been in the hell abyss, as God ordered me to do so. I have been there to tell souls and testify, what the hell is. I cannot talk about it now, as God told me to write about it only. The Satan hated me very much, but he had to be obedient as told by God. What I have written is a feeble shadow of things, which I have seen. What I noticed was that there was the greatest number of souls, which did not believe in existence of the hell. When I came to my senses, I could not compose myself and was terrified at the immense suffering of souls. Therefore, I pray even more fervently for conversion of sinners and call God to have mercy on them. Oh my Jesus, I would rather die in greatest pain, than offend You by a smallest sin.