September 5, 2020 Only 40-50 days remain until the start of World War III. Russians, evacuate to the Kaliningrad district!

In the morning, on Saturday, I get a very strong inspiration, at the same time I get a strong sign from God the Holy Spirit, and in a moment this sign repeats itself. World War III will take place in the third and fourth week of October. People will not believe what has happened, they will ring the bells in the Churches, the sirens will wail in the world announcing the beginning of World War III, when I wrote these words, I received a sign from the Lord God the Holy Spirit. Request, don't wait for the last minute, make a lot of food and water purchases. If you can, warn your families, others and those who are outside Poland - Russians. If you have any doubts as to what I am writing now, also use other messages from God concerning the situation at the moment. I quote a few words of the Lord God Jesus Christ of August 17, 2020, given to the prophet, the Living Flame, "The whole Holy Trinity and My Holy, Beloved Mother, we have instructed you for many years and centuries, we warned you, now is the time to implement what was announced so far." The Apocalypse - Writings Filling Before Our Eyes! We got a sign, and people continue to live as if God did not exist, in a moment there will be a war, and this will give us another sign, there will be a terrible hunger in the world. God allows everything that is happening in the world to wake up humanity, to cling to God and Our Lady, and therefore what has happened is God's Great Mercy, but it is up to you whether you are here on this side. you will awaken by converting. There will be a terrible war, and in Poland - home war, it is really the last time to prepare for these events, and above all to do an examination of conscience and confess all life. There are many common threads in the recent messages, the Living Flame and mine, which I get inspired by the Lord God the Holy Spirit. Here are some examples: in the message of August 7, 2020, the Living Flame, God the Father tells us, "There are many false, self-proclaimed prophets in Poland. With the illumination of their consciences, they will receive a Light from Me to make good the damage they have done. " In my article from April 19, 2020, I described Vasula Ryden that she would wake up at the Judgment of God the Holy Spirit (x-ray of consciences), why she was so deceived for so many years and then she will give a great testimony to the world. Also in the same article I described the place of condemnation - hell. In the article Live Flame of May 7, 2020, God explains this place of condemnation in detail. 2020 describes that Freemasonry will lead to the Third War in a moment, the world economy, banks, etc. will collapse, and God the Holy Spirit in the month of August 10, 2020 in the article Żywy Płomień speaks to us, quotes the words "Soon the people of Freemasonry will cause a crisis that has never happened before. Overnight, money will lose its value, food supplies will run out quickly. " The Lord God Jesus Christ spoke to us to have these bad times to find a refuge far from big cities. Let me give you a little hint, until it becomes safer in Poland. When the Polish army begins to let people into the created state of Christ, to the new Poland of Christ. How to survive in such a dugout will require food, water, gas cylinders, warm sleeping bags, rubber hot water bottles or thick walled plastic containers to keep warm at night by putting them in sleeping bags, as winters can be harsh.

To the Russian people and the clergy.

There are only 6-7 weeks left to prepare for the evacuation and close to Poland or to the Kaliningrad district, I have already written about this to you before, so that you are prepared for such an eventuality, but this is the time, this moment for the evacuation. Many of you are unprepared for leaving, and most of all for God's judgment. Please really take care of this, these are the last moments to confess your whole life, and let those who are not baptized do it. A few years earlier, I was inspired to help you survive in these first months. God helps in all of this and thank Him and Our Lady. Freemasonry has started to exterminate mankind for good, these are really the days to then lead to war and offer the world mass vaccinations, which I wrote about in previous articles. The Orthodox clergy in Russia and their families are to evacuate immediately to Częstochowa, you will get the right signal when this evacuation is to take place. Also ask God for it. Why to Częstochowa? The Polish Army will surround Częstochowa and with the help of God's servants, Henoch and Elijah, the State of Christ will be created. Only here in the world it will be safe. I would like to remind you that the bishops and cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church have been recalled by the Lord God Jesus Christ for years - I am getting a sign of these words from the Lord God the Holy Spirit.

Knights of Fr. Natanka with their families and Mary's warriors with their families are also to evacuate to Częstochowa. I would like to add that in Częstochowa, a huge Orthodox Church will be built at the foot of the Sanctuary of Mary. I describe the testimony: I dream that I am a passenger in a car speeding at alarming speeds, I look to see who is driving that vehicle. Nobody is sitting behind the wheel, I look back, I see a figure from the side. I'm translating this dream. This vehicle was driven by the Holy Trinity, this figure was my guardian angel, with whom I will have a lot of contact soon. I got a sign from God to these words. Second dream I have on the same night. I run a company, I don't know what a bar or a shop was exactly, but crowds of people are looking for this food. They stand in line in the corridor. At the end of this corridor there is an open door to a large grocery store, supermarkets, to my surprise I see in the distance the former US president sitting at the merchandise in this store. I come closer because I do not believe him, I look at him, I smile, I say in my mind that Obama will talk about how well my company is doing. When I have to translate this dream, I cried, receiving a strong sign from God the Holy Spirit - I will manage food, and the presidents of countries will ask Poland for help, I am getting a sign from God the Holy Spirit to these words.

I would like to greet my classmates, classmates from school 93 in Wrocław and the tutor Mrs. Asterska, Mrs. Milewska, Mrs. Gogdewska, Mr. Trzęsimiech from PE. My classmates from the inland navigation class, Mrs. Zelkowier, and my colleagues from the school's handball team in 1979-80, Mr. Donesz, the gym coach and all teachers and students from these schools, have ever studied and studied. May God bless you in the Holy Trinity and the Mother of God. I am praying for you.

With God.