How to protect yourself in three days of darkness

One room in the building, in the apartment to prepare. Wall windows and doors should be very carefully done to prevent gas from entering. Up to 30m2 should be occupied by only 4 persons. If there are more people in the building, people need to arrange a larger room or one more room. You can only leave a hole so that everyone can squeeze. When you enter the room, light the candle and clear the hole from the inside. Prepared mortar must be to minus temperature. And so it is necessary to secure breeding animals, have prepared room for them to move quickly and to close the hole they entered. You have to put enough of them in the room so they do not push. Also light a candle there to make it brighter. I've written to you about styrofoam and foam the security that is now described is safer. That's all I have to test yet. Briefly presents the message of the Lord Jesus Christ to Father Pio for three days in the dark.

Do not look outside. Fire holy candles that last for days. Pray for the rosary. Read spiritual books. Do the acts of the reception of Spiritual Communion, as well as the works of love that we need so much. Pray with outstretched hands or falling on your face to save many souls. You can not go outside. Get enough food. The powers of nature will be shaken and the rain of fire will fill the people with terror. Have the courage! I am among you.

Surround yourself with your pets during these days. I am the Creator and Guardian of all creation, just as for man. I'll give you early signs when you should leave more food for your animals. I will protect selected possessions, including animals, which will later be in need of food. Let no one try to go outside, even to feed his animals, - whoever disobeyeth this word will perish.

I will give you the following signs and instructions, so you can be prepared for the coming events: The night will be very cold, and the wind will start to frighten and scream. After a while you will hear thunder. Close all doors and windows and do not talk to anyone outside. Fall in front of the cross, regret your sins and beg for My Mother's protection. Do not look out the window during the earthquake, because the wrath of God is holy! (Jesus does not want us to see the wrath of God because it must be considered in fear and trouble. Those who do not take this command seriously will perish.)

The wind will bring with you poisonous gases that will spread throughout the earth. Anyone who will suffer and die innocently will become a martyr and will be with me in my Church.

Satan will triumph! However, after three nights, fire and earthquake will cease. The next day the sun will rise again and illuminate the earth. Angels will come from Heaven and will cover the earth with the spirit of peace. The feeling of immeasurable gratitude will overwhelm those who experience terrible experiences - the near punishment - of which God haunts the earth from its creation.

The impact of the Divine Balance will reach the earth! My Father's anger will be poured out to the whole world! Again I warn the world, through your means, so far I have always done it. Sins of mankind surpassed the measure: Disrespectful attitude in the Church, sinful pride caused by shame from religious activity, lack of true brotherly love, indecency in dressing, and especially in summer periods ... The world is drunk from sin.

On the day when total darkness comes, no one should leave his house or look out the window. Darkness will continue day and night, continuing another day and another night and another day, but the next night the stars will again rise in the sky, and on the coming day you will see the sun rise again and it will be TIME!