A chip will be implanted on a massive scale when a nuclear conflict breaks out ?

A chip will be implanted on a massive scale when a nuclear conflict breaks out. Who was this 
chip invented by and why did you kill Kennedy?
This title relates to freemasonry and antichrist, whom they are going to promote. The 
freemasonry controls and rules the world and its members sit on highest offices and control 
turnover, i.e. their world?s assets.
Today I would like to tell you why large mall networks and smaller shops have been created. 
They have been created to poison you with artificial food. Such networks press on food 
manufacturers to lower their prices so that they could be competitive. How is such a food 
manufacturer going to produce the cheap commodities, if a network director puts a given 
commodity out to a tender. What happens next? I will give you an example. I run my own 
business manufacturing plastic and plastic packaging such as small and 1-litre ice-cream 
cups. I wanted to deal with dairy and give the cups through dairy wholesalers to dairy 
manufacturers and share a margin on a mug with the wholesalers. I used to know an ice-cream 
manufacturer, who ceased his relationship with a small partner and, with his product with a 
logo famous all over Poland, joined a large ice-cream company, who made large turnovers. 
It exported to European malls and also sold in Poland. He once told me that, if he had known 
what they made the ice-cream of, he would never had eaten one?.
What do they add to food? Fat is too expensive and there is too little of it.
Fat is added to ice-cream, chocolate, butter and margarine and any types of products and 
even to bread. I once bought a votive candle and noticed some lard-like slurry on it. It was 
very soft. Now you can manufacture anything with the use of chemicals and bribe the fool 
inspection office.
We are being poisoned and you will be even more poisoned, when hunger starts. Then they 
will start to implant the so-called antichrist?s chip. Food will be larded with chemicals, which 
will have on people similar effects to those of drugs. There will be special points of food 
distribution and you will become manipulated addicts obeying the one, who will lead you to 
the Satan?s kingdom. All you can find there is eternal fire.
You have various diseases, which result from toxins carried by food into your bodies.
I warn you against the chip. I would like to add that owners of such corporations sponsor their 
candidates, who sit on their boards. President Kennedy opposed to the freemasonry by telling 
about them. Then the freemasonry made its execution.
This is the freemasonry, which will raise the existing antichrist pretending to be a messiah, 
but he has returned and makes various tricks. You will call such tricks miracles. He will tell 
you to obey him, otherwise you will go to hell.
I have had strong inspirations relating to hunger and I am scared by it. Mother of God warns 
you to prepare to the coming events. I can feel shivers now. I would like to repeat that in 2017 
a nuclear conflict will break out. 2017 marks the 100th
of God in Fatima and the 300th
once again ? collect food in 2015 and 2016. Keep corn prepared for sowing in bags at home. 
Keep oat flakes, grits, rice and pasta in jars to prevent pest. You can start making your own 
sweet wine. Buy a lot of seeds and you will make your own gardens at home.
A terrible fight between the good and evil started. Wake up and convert your family and 
relatives. These are the last times and they will start with a nuclear conflict. A comet may 
fall on the earth and raise the water level by even as many as 70 metres. Volcanoes, which 
have been inactive for millions of years, will start to erupt. This will really happen. God is 
not wrong and I am here to tell you this and make your aware of the same so that you could 
prepare for the events. You should not think that you have not been warned by anyone.
I warn you against criminals, which will rob you of your food and send the same to countries 
at a nuclear war in return for gold and oil. I warn farmers against it.
I will be able to support you spiritually. Who will feed your children, if you neglect it. 
How would you live in Noah?s times? Now you will have time to do what I did when I lost 
everything. I started to cry out in my soul: ?God save me? and I got converted.
For all I have been through here so far, I would like to go home now and lead all of you 
to heaven. It is a long way for me. The time you live on the earth is a fraction of a second 
in relation to what you are going to experience there. I get really scared driving around 
and looking at all this. You push yourselves voluntarily in the eternal fire. I beg you to get 
converted. You can feel the pain just as I do. Think just as I do.
God bless you!
 anniversary of establishment of the freemasonry. I remind you