The Apocalypse will start with a nuclear conflict

March 2014

The Apocalypse of 2017 will start with a nuclear conflict. The China will use its nuclear weapon in Russia, which will lead to a worldwide nuclear conflict. The area of thousands of kilometres will be contaminated. Russia will be the first to experience terrible disasters and hunger. They will start to buy food in other countries. Millions of Russians will lose their homes. Money will cease to exist and they will pay with food, gas, oil and gold. The foreign capital held by the freemasonry will be withdrawn from foreign markets suddenly and food will be withdrawn from logistics centres and discount shops. As early as at the beginning of 2017, there will be a great rise in prices of food. This will be a sign for you to get prepared.

Now you can start to make your own sweet wine as a source of sugar and later a pork fat in jars etc. Why should you do that? Because the antichrist?s chip to be implanted in people on a massive scale will only entitle you to one slice of bread. I would like to warn the church officials ? if you do not prepare your parishioners for this event, they may be tempted and take the slice of bread. This slice of bread is a metaphor relating to anything. A chip is the Lucifer?s plan to manipulate people, make them dependant and, finally, lead to the hell?s gate. This war will cause a terrible chaos and fear. Everyone will know that this is the beginning of the Apocalypse. This will be the best time for the evil to start to operate.

Scared people will look for help. They will find it only in our Lord Jesus Christ. Who fails to follows the truth, he will follow the lie and antichrist ? the biblical misleading agent. Everyone should be prepared for the hell?s fire.

IT will beguile you with its tricks and you will call it miracles. I am writing now that IT lives now and waits for an appropriate moment to reveal itself and lead you to the Satan?s kingdom, where you can find only fire and lava. There is unimaginable temperature and you will not die there. Physical and mental feelings are the same as on the earth.

This evil will be promoted by the freemasonry and some great religious movement. I am not sure yet, which movement it will be. It will consider itself as a god and talk like a child, whereas it will be like a wolf and dragon inside and it will devour human souls. You will be lost and scared, if you believe in IT.

You have departed from God and perceive this world, as if it had been made by itself and waited for you. Just look at a thing made by a human being. Would it be created by itself in two million years to come? This world could not have been created by itself. You live in God?s house and you are His property.

The price of human redemption was too high for God.

How can I get to you and explain, what I know and confirm every day. I write it again: I lose my consciousness, when I take the holy communion and cry, when I feel His physical presence. Let?s put it in a different way. 2017 will soon come. You will die of hunger, if you don?t listen to me. Would I be a fool to sleep in a car for my own money, to get hit in my head and then be condemned for heresy? Your hearts will only be stirred by fear, hunger and disaster. It will stir your hearts, make you humble and wake you from this bad dream.

I do not have a different soul or body. I think and I feel pain just like everyone feels. I have lost everything. I have gone through a terrible ordeals and you are going to feel the same soon. I have turned to God by converting to Him and asking Him to rescue me. I was so afraid of God that I did not do anything bad to myself, as I thought I would be condemned forever. Would I be afraid now to tell Poland and entire world that the end is near? Where would this heresy lead me?

I was a terrible sinner. God?s mercy will save us all from the worst. God wants happiness for everyone. He is the love and I can feel it very strong. I told my Lord that I would like to die as He did and that I loved Jesus Christ so much. Love, love, love.

You are unhappy and have problems, because you do not love God truly. I live for His home and here I am only interested in leading you all to God. He waits for you and loves us the same way.

Jesus is so good an I can feel it. He forgives a lot of my sins, as I sometimes take the holy communion instead of confessing my sins, because, for example, there is no priest to hear my confession. I would like to remind you that a priest is here as a substitute of Jesus. God can judge people and the priest. We do not have this right.

I will not tell you about my private things anymore. I have already told you too much, only to save you. I was afraid that I could lose what I got and reveal to you. When I recorded the films I was in a hurry, but I managed to make it for the first time. There may have been two corrections. I wanted to make it before 2013. My website was active on 23 December 2012. Let me tell you what happened recently. On Thursday 27 Feb 2014 I was at a healing service in Ksi±ż Mały, Wrocław. When I was about to be blessed, I started to feel weaker and weaker. When I reached the priest, I was so weak that I fell. I always fall in front of priests.

I managed to reach the priest during healing services several times. He lay his hands on me and nothing happened. I remember feeling weak when I was sat on a bench. I heard loud screams. The priest exorcised some lady, who screamed with a strange voice. On Saturday 1 March I attended a holy service in St. Boniface?s Church in Wrocław and felt it very strong. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks and I started to cry. When we started to sing a prayer, I was so weak that I had to sit down, otherwise I would fall. I have always experienced holy services the same way and started to cry, when I was about to take the holy communion. After a while I felt weak and fell. I have always felt God so strong that I could not stand. A human being is so weak and he is only a particle of infinity.

I have loved Jesus very much and I felt like a 3-4-year-old boy, when I talk to Him. On Monday 3 March, when I took the holy communion, I started to cry. I usually cry for several seconds. It is very visible. I shake all over very often before I take the holy communion.

On Sunday 2 March I went to the church and met two nuns. I opened the church door for them. They had attended me, when I lost my consciousness for the first time, i.e. on 26 May 2012. I told them that I prayed for them. When I took the holy communion I kneeled in the corner. I saw one of the nuns kneel and there was a place for the other nun. They were kneeling next to me. When the priest came to give me the holy communion, I started to breathe deeply and it felt different than before. I remember my nose running. I could not wipe it, as I was too weak. I was inspired by Jesus, who loves you so much. I felt shivers all over my body. They got even stronger. I envy this order so much. On Monday 3 March, when I took the holy communion I went to a chapel. In a while, a priest brought a tabernacle and I heard some lady start to sing. She rehearsed. I heard Ave Maria and felt shivers and started to cry. She started to sing another song and I felt the same. Does the Mother of God give me signs that she was coming? Does she point to your poor faith? Are these visible signs for you? Can you live like that?


You will understand it only when I starts.

God bless you.