6.05.2015 You have prepared me for the future mission

I have recognized you and know who you are. I am worried about your future. What is that worries me most? God and Jesus Christ showed your deviations to me ? I mean bishops and cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church, who have been enslaved by the Satan and are freemasons. They have implemented bad acts for the Church such as the one relating to holy services ? they are too short jus as if they wanted to fob it off and a priest stands with his back to the altar. It should not be like that. You make people take their holy communion while standing and you should give God into their hands. Some parts of the Lord?s Prayer are incorrect. Parishioners are told about everything with the use of metaphors and not straightforwardly. And what have you done to change it? You can see the frequency during holy services. People do not like you any more and you have caused this situation. You have been ruining the Church and I have learnt about you a lot. If I started to tell you what Jesus showed me ?
I have perceived a lot of signs of freemasonry in God?s temples and even in Jasna Góra in Czestochowa. There is no response from other priests. They can see all this and turn a blind eye to the same. and people still obey them. They are given donations from people to sustain this situation. I have already told you why I am not going to obey bishops. I would waste my time, if I wanted to meet anyone. What have you done with the Church of Jesus Christ? You have chosen eternal fire. Can you guess what you have chosen? The evil lies to you. It is the king of lies just as Stalin, who murdered his subordinates. How could you let yourselves be ensnared like that? Save your immortal souls! Return to your God the Creator and Jesus Christ. God will forgive everything to you. This is the last moment. You should contact an exorcist and use his experience to get rid of the evil. free yourselves from the evil, which leads to eternal death! Only God wants good for his child  and he wants it to be saved. You should regret for your sins. Even St. Paul, who was the fiercest enemy for all Christians, was forgiven. This is a disaster for human beings ? they go in the evil direction and it is a sin condemning them for eternal pain. A human being cannot offend God the Creator. God is the Omnipotence, Holiness, Love and never ending Good and even a little deviation from his rules is a sin.
We belong to God and were created by Him. Everything that exists was created for His Son, Jesus Christ, who is our Love. Jesus shares everything with us and we are His friends, although we are only creatures. He gives us eternity, luxury in the paradise and it is all for free. Why do we reject this? This is a terrible disaster. What you have rejected you will see in a vision ? wherever you go and should you go to the other side, it will be like death for you. This will be the judgement of the Holy Spirit. A lot of you will see a terrible place, where the condemned go. You have been given much evidence in the form of books and films. Ordinary people or exorcists give their evidence and they really dealt with the possessed. There is evidence of people, who describe their clinical death, when they went to the other side. And there is a lot of other evidence such as, for example, why they built so many churches in the world. I used to live in a terrible sin, which led me to eternal terror. That is why I tell you about this, as I am aware of what had happened to me then. I warn you against the life that I used to live. When you have a lot of money, various bad ideas come to you mind. You take advantage of things in the world, which leads you to eternal fall. You cannot hide anything from God and he knows what you are thinking about. I tell you all this and give my evidence, as I cane feel the Holy Spirit inside me so much. It is just adoration and a word of love and now I get a confirmation from God. Jesus said that even the smallest hair of yours has been counted. God and Holy Spirit warn a human being and tell them to go back and leave the bad way and return to God. any mishaps, disappointments, unpleasant things and even a sickness is a sign and warning, which makes you go back and leave this bad road you are going. God and Holy Spirit make you turn back and they protect you from the worst. God admitted wars and concentration camps, as they were created by people guided by the Satan. Why did he allow all this to happen?
How many people have lost their lives and died like martyrs? They went to heaven or purgatory. Other people survived camps and they should have got converted because of the horror, which they experienced. If the had not gone thorough all this, they would have certainly got to a worse place, if they had stood before God?s for the last judgement. Al, children killed by Herod went to heaven. How many of them would have got to a worst place, if they had lived longer? If you go to heaven, you will ask yourself, why you lived so long on the earth and this desert. You will ask yourself the same question in purgatory and that is why you lived so long and sinned and now you have to be tormented for longer. Little baptized children, who died, are happy now. If you do not go the same road with Jesus and God, you had better never been born. You will shout there:? Why was I born?? and what are you doing here? Even if you came back from there, you will soon forget and keep on doing the same.
I have already told you in the previous article that there will be one great order created in the world. The order will be governed by the current laws. They will adhere to God?s law even more strictly. If you do not join the order and live in matrimony, you will be only allowed to plan a child. You will not be allowed to live in lust. If people adhered to God?s law, what is coming would never happen. 80% of people would go straight to heaven and not be condemned. They would not murder unborn children. Is this moment of leprosy (lust) adequate to eternal passion in a terrible fire? A foetus is already infected with a sin in its mother?s womb. You mislead you family and children. They grudge against you and are condemned. I warn you against misleading and this relates to people, who do not adhere to God?s law. Fighting against me you fought God, who entrusted me with the mission. How many people would you convert and how much more food would you collect, if you listened to me? your pride did not let you listen to me ? it was the Satan?s poison that infected you. People conducting praying groups and other people, who rejected me, are in a terrible place now and they feel like they were dead. Going to the church and praying is not enough just as preaching is not either ? the evil did not let me approach you to make you and other aware. How many people could be saved from death of hunger, if you listened to me. How many of them will let them have a chip implanted? Mothers will bring little babies dying of hunger. I warned you before and you did not listen to me. I gave you an evidence and told you that God did not like that. That is why your soul feels like I told you. You made everything difficult for me and the evil prompted you that I was falling and was influenced by the evil.
You did not want to know and see what was going in with me. you found it easier to judge me and get rid of me. this is what they did to God and Jesus. You got too many signs from me to justify your ignorance. What are you waiting for? What sign are you waiting for? There are only weeks until a great chaos comes. I thank God for gradual preceding of the same. whatever you buy, you will feel hunger (expensive goods) and it will be nothing compared to what will happen. Collect you food. I even gave you exact dates so that you know when to prepare. I described everything in detail in 2013 and you should refer to collection of food. God comforts me. you sent a penalty on yourselves and your children as well.
I can give you evidence of cases, in which I lost my consciousness. I often get weak, but I do not describe it every time. Below you will find evidence relating to first aid. I was in Czestochowa on 1 and 2 May. I have never fainted and fell as many as 4 times ? there is happened on 1 May in front of the picture of Lady of Czestochowa. The second time was when I took the holy communion and was kneeling under the cross. They sang ?Save us from air, war, hunger and fire?. I felt weak and fainted. I always fell in churches only.
I got a confirmation from God. The 3rd World War will be started by Russia with its strong nuclear missile. It will be a kind of provocation and they will say that it is China that did it so that NATO could attack the Chinese army. The rocket will turn back and hit Moscow.
My mission is coming to an end. It will be three years on 9 November 2015. This is the second to last article to appear on my website.
I get inspired before saying the chaplet. God and Holy Spirit confirm this. God and Jesus deprive bishops and cardinals of their offices in the entire Roman Catholic Church. God and Jesus Christ take your power. You cannot be bishops and cardinals any longer. If you do not obey, you will expose yourselves to God?s wrath. The Roman Catholic Church will be led by Pope Francesco and orthodox priests until Peter the Roman and others appear.
God bless you.