5.01.2015 Your are going Mohammed?s road to perdition! 5.01.2015 Your are going Mohammed?s road to perdition!


How long will it take for you to understand where you are going?
Just like angels warned Mohammed against perdition, now I warn highest Islamic clerics and believers against the same. How do I know all that? Why have I called you like this? In my previous article, I ridiculed the belief, which can mislead you. Then I did not know, what belief it was to be, although I could feel it. This is only the case of invented beliefs. Who should you be to believe it? If I told and asked a question to an old man, would you listen to a child? That the child is an antichrist and that it will be doomed forever and die in hell fire, if it follows the antichrist? What would he tell me? And will you answer that question to yourselves now? Or will you answer it, when you face the last judgement before Jesus Christ? Do I write it to scare you? No, I do not, I write it to warn you and make you aware, what you are getting into. The evil is not a mascot. It is a terrible being, which destroys people.
Poor Islam followers! Oppose to the madmen now. They will feel stronger in a moment, give you machetes and tell you to kill innocent people. They will frighten you and tell that they would rather die a martyr?s death than burn in the hell fire forever. I can feel al this, as I have been give it from God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.
To Islam followers:
Convert to Christianity even for the price of death. Jesus loves you so much. He died a terrible death on the cross for you. He is the only way to God, His Father and our Creator.
I wrote in the previous article some half a year ago: Mohammad is close to Cain, Hitler and Stalin. I wrote about him, because I had read a madman?s telling that Jesus was a prophet.
Jesus said: ?he is the antichrist, who does not think I am the Son of God?. In this article I wrote that Mohammad could not be a prophet sent by God, as he did not talk about Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Now I would like to confirm that he was guided by Lucifer itself.
Soon you will present to the world a revelation of a small child and say that he is the messiah, for whom you have been waiting for. This innocent child has mislead you. And he is the antichrist foreseen by our prophets. Now I confirm this through Jesus Christ My Lord.
I will tell you what to do. The world will laugh terribly now. You will reveal this, when it becomes older and start a chaos caused by the 3rd World War. And then you will start to call people to start the holy war against Christianity in order to hide the shame.
You will understand, what you have got into, when you start to die of hunger die to high radioactivity in your country.
Mohammad guided by Lucifer had not been informed that there is fire and magma in the kingdom of evil. The evil could not tell him and it assured him of another world, which is not there to be found. Lucifer is the king of lies.