3.11.2014 Several hours following a warning given by Mother of God in Medjugorie in 2017 you will find out what I should tell you by Jesus My Lord.

You will find all this on my website and some information in my brochures.
I write it to you instructed by God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. I cannot write it now and tell you this, 
because my Jesus wants so. Within several hours following the announcement of Mother of God you 
will find out, what to do in the hard times and how to prepare for the return of Jesus Christ Our Lord.
Now I will write about a part of what is coming with my full responsibility and about my inspiration. 
The city of Wroclaw got a lot of signs, but the clergy and lay people disregarded the signs just as 
those, who disregard warnings given by Jesus, about which I tell you now. I would like to remind 
you that Jesus does not need any hands, mouths or legs. Here on the earth the clergy and people, 
who disregard this will be held accountable for that and towards Jesus for their failure to prepare 
parishioners and themselves for the events. I would like to remind you that millions of children in 
Europe will die of hunger. They will, in fact, be killed by you. We have to help Europe. Collect food.
 I appeal to you ? if you are not warned by a priest, you will be only able to rely on yourselves. Tell 
other about it. In 2015 start collecting cereals, vegetable seeds and dried fruit. In 2016 collect various 
canned meat, dry bread, pasta, rice, peas and make your own products such as lard and collect, what 
you should have collected in 2015.
Priests! Stay poor ? sell your cars and collect necessary items, as I have mentioned before. We are to 
do like Joseph, who saved Egypt. The pharaoh listened to him, although he did not believe in God. 
You get and have got signs through me.
Prepare people for the events. A terrible war will break out. It will make everything fall and the 
money will fall first. A terrible chaos will appear. The countries will stop to exist. The police and 
army will leave their positions, as criminals groups will threaten them and, in particular, those with 
?three six? chips. The groups will look for food for themselves and for profit. The Russians will give 
gold for food. They will steal and kill. Thousands of kilometres of land in Europe will be heavily 
contaminated. Poland will be the least contaminated. Farmers and clergy will be most exposed to 
activities of the criminal groups.
When I was in Vatican, I talked to a Polish sister, who was in a female order in Vatican. I told her 
that everything would be all right. When I told her about vital things and events I felt shivers and it 
was so intense that I got goose bumps on my arms. She saw the signs. I also talked to some other nun 
and told her similar things. Wait for the moment coming after the announcement of Mother of God 
in Medjugorie in 2017. You will find it on my website. I give my testimony below, travel around the 
world and can see that the church is persecuted in Italy. Just as I have mentioned in another article, 
a priest is responsible for his parish and notifying other priest, even though he lived at the end of the 
If he fails to notify, he will be liable for the priests and his parish as well.
God be with you!