27.04.2015 God brought their souls once again in order to prepare them for the return of His Son

God chooses those, who will not let Him down for important missions. Who are they? They are people, whose soils God brought back so that they could fulfil God?s will and plan in those apocalyptic times. God chose them to teach you and obey them. I would like to remind you once again. I will show him to you through Jesus Christ and he will then show others. They will be the same Apostles with the same souls as two thousand years ago. Now I get a sign from God. They are around you ? those chosen and destined. They are characterised by piety, you will soon meet them and even yourselves. They will find out earlier from some Peter ? let me call him Peter the Roman. You have to go to him, when he appears. He will be shown in my film with me and someone else. This film will be given to appropriate people. This fill may also be put on my website, if it still works. This great mission is to be preceded by pouring of the Holy Spirit. Those with strong vocation will go to Peter in reasonable time. Peter used to fulfil the supreme function of a pope. Now I get a sign from God. Peter will recognize everyone, as he has a gift from God.  He also recognized me. If peter does not accept you, I will let him know earlier. There will be 12 of them and they will have their apostles. There may be hundreds and even thousands of them. They will discover the secret of pyramids and give people information relating to a human being?s vocation and origin. I will see to it protecting them and warning against dangers. There will a one great order established worldwide  and it will prepare you for the Return of Jesus Christ. I am warning you now ? whoever opposes them, will be subject to exorcisms. And if they still cause problems, they will have to leave the place, where only God?s law is applied. Whoever does not understand  and does not want to live and comply with God?s commandments, will be under the evil influence. A great battle with the evil will soon start and a decisive battle will come. I would like to warn you against the chip once again. Whoever incites people to have the chip implanted, is associated with the evil. He or she may be a freemason or controlled by freemasons. Poland will be particularly protected by Mother of God and each missile shot in the direction of Poland will be reversed. Now I get a sign from God. I remind you. People of great faith and those, who live in scarifying grace, should not fear. There is no one against us, if we have Jesus with us. I get a very strong sign fro Holy Spirit. Where my God is, there is His servant. Now I am writing as I have been inspired and have got a confirmation. The Holy Spirit will pour over Poland on the hill in Czestochowa, where St. Mary?s sanctuary is located. There will be even hundred thousand of you there and apostles will be among you. This will be a great event. Now I get a sign. The event date will be set by Peter, who will sit in Czestochowa after beloved Pope Francisco dies.
God bless you.
Who loses most after total devaluation of money? What state will that be? How desperate will the state be in order rebuilt its power ? ?a drowning man clutches at straws?? What straws will those be? ?war?. What country is stat? China.
Whoever dreams about plans, does nit think of God and whoever dreams about trifles, this time has ended now and it is time to get converted. I remind you ? the sinful world will be destroyed. Beg God for mercy and forgiveness. I will help you with all that through Jesus Christ My Lord and tell you what to do. Now I get a sing from God and Holy Spirit. You will listen to Him and, 
if you do not, I will stand next to Him.