25.12.2014 You will tear your hair out, when you wake up!

I am nothing and I am writing to you on behalf of Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.
Jesus? words:
?He, who calls me his Lord, will not enter the Kingdom of My Father, but he, who fulfils the will of My Father?
When they did not believed St John the Baptist, our Lord said this:
?You can be sure that tax collectors and prostitutes will get into the kingdom of God before you ever will?. Lord says that he will separate gold from silver and not from sand. Silver is a precious ore. Who should be the silver? What people? On the last judgement days angels will separate sheep from goats. Who shall be the goats? Will such goats close in their homes for three days of darkness and not on the last judgement day? Beware of the day! You are blind and you pretend. You are deaf and you feel good about it. You pretend to be saint. I warn you again in the name of Jesus Christ and call you to proclaim the Gospel! Go into the streets and tell about God everywhere. Do it when you manifest and join any marches.
There is a man named Peter, who has been marked by God and he will lead the church in the world after the Pope Francesco has left.
In 2016 the Catholic world will get a sign and understand it and the Pope will tell the world to prepare for the Return of Jesus Christ. This will cause panic and food prices will rise by as many as several times.
Something terrible will also happen in 2016 ? the world will be shocked and people will find out, what is going on and will panic.
Mohammad, a prophet invented for the Islam was warned by angels several times.
The freemasonry has been penetrating the church for years sending its sons, who make scandals and deter believers from the church. They destroy the Catholic church.
Can the antichrist living in the Islam be a child now? Can it mislead fools with its innocence?
God bless you.