25.11.15 God will impose an unimaginable penalty to the mankind

God will impose an unimaginable penalty to the mankind for rejection of His commandments and for terrible sins. There will be a terrible disaster started by a nuclear conflict with unimaginable effects. This will lead to terrible hunger, destruction and disasters. No generation has ever lived to see, what is going to happen soon. Get converted to Jesus Christ, who is the Brightness of the World. You have heard this work from my loudspeakers, when I travelled around Poland and Europe for almost 3 years. At the beginning I will tell you that I can feel hunger coming. If you do not understand my mission given me by God and Jesus Christ, you will be terrible hungry. You have treated me very bad. I described all that was happening to me during holy masses. I am going to meet my death now. I have to be certain of this all, I beg you to give your time to God now. Collect food for yourselves and your children and share the food. Do not forget about animals. I describe a great sign, which the mankind will soon get from God. At the end of 2015 you will hear this and see a great sign in the sky. Within three days form my death, the sky will get brighter and you will see this for sure. A lot of you will see a ray coming down from the sky and narrowing towards the earth. You will see my body going upwards to my Lord. Then you will hear out-of-this-world sounds of apocalyptic trumpets. You will her them for three hours at the same time. They will be heard with various intensity and intervals. The trumpets will foresee the approaching apocalypse and preparation for the Return of Jesus Christ in the glory of God, angles and saints.

I am trembling before my Lord God, I am getting a sign from God the Holy Spirit, I was trembling all my mission entrusted to me by my Lord. Nobody advised me on this, I didn't need these advices. From the beginning of the mission I knew that God was leading me through the Holy Spirit. I get very strong signs, and this confirms to me what I do and what I write. I love my Lord God Jesus Christ very much, I behave like a two or three year old child. When I speak to my Lord, I behave like a small child. By loving Jesus Christ, you love God the Father and the Holy Spirit. There is one God in the Holy Trinity, a great light divided into three parts. The greater light is God the Creator, the lesser His Son and the Holy Spirit. They create one great light. Yes, I can explain it to you. God God Jesus Christ told the Apostles how you see me as if you saw my Father. The Lord has tested me many times in this life, preparing me for further mission, I receive a sign from God the Holy Spirit, our Guardian of Conscience, every hair is counted. More God knows this to you, about me as we do about ourselves. In this future mission I will be helping Piotr, whom I described to you earlier, will appear in the film with me. In time Peter will tell you about a small Poland of Christ. The border will definitely be in Częstochowa and Trzebnica of this small Poland. Thank Saint Jadwiga, who interceded with you to our Lord, through whom I outlined the borders of this Poland. Wait for Piotr to reveal himself, you are to listen to him and to the people he appointed. I will help him through my Lord.
Nuns from around the world are preparing to evacuate to new Poland, including farmers with food. The Antichrist who has lived in Islam for several years will also heal the power of evil. And how do I know that he heals the power of evil? I got the grace from God and I know where the soul would go as if a living man had died at that moment and I know where the soul of a man who has already died is staying. If his soul speaks to me: "save me" when I pray for him, I know he is in damnation. The guardian angel also confirms this to me. Oliwier got interested in me and gets signs from God. You would do the same if you would. Stop any healings. When Piotr reveals himself, consult with him everything. You are unaware that all this is done through evil so that you can use you later. You are and people who will follow you in terrible danger.
Our Lady prepares the world for the Second Coming of her Son, our Lord God. She can help you the most in these days to come. Resort to the Holy Mother and plead for her forgiveness. I'm getting a very big sign now. What will happen in the world depends on the conversion of the whole world. Will God reverse his anger? Terrible things are going to happen in the world, you will envy the dead. But this is God's mercy, that you may convert and not go into eternal fire.
I describe how my mission was mocked, what responsibility you took on ignoring it. I wrote to you earlier about Oliver who got signs. He became interested in what I do. You would get it too. I want to add that the Lord has great plans for Oliwa in these last days. I get another confirmation sign from God. I wrote to you in earlier articles that we have found myself with Piotr. I was inspired to drive even the smallest villages, where there were only a few houses. As you can see, I'm not crazy myself, but there are a few of us who get signs from God confirming us in all this.
I describe people who are most responsible for disregarding and mocking the mission that God has entrusted to me. Pastor Pawlaczek, priest priest Tokarz, Franciscans from Karłowice in Wrocław, Dominicans, Carmelites from Ołbińska Street, bishops from the cathedral, priests from the church at Chorbaczewskiego Street in Wrocław, a prayer group from this church, priest Natanek, and a prayer group organizing monthly night vigils in the church of St. Boniface, a group that belongs to Father Natanek. You were to be interested in what was happening to me, what I was doing. God showed you signs to me. You were supposed to let me into people. Listen to me as Pharaoh did, who listened to Joseph, gathering food. Poland was to be a power all over Europe. The border was to run from sea to sea. You were to eat all hungry Europe, which was to join Poland with hunger. You won't have it alone, and you will leave the farmer in the fields in 2016. The farmer will not have what to sow, hunger will start. Beg God for forgiveness. Beg the Mother of God for intercession to her Son. Put on sackcloth like in Nineveh. The souls responsible for disregard are in a terrible place.


I have to disregard this in detail. Most often, I went to the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the sand in Wroclaw. The priest is priest Pawlaczek. The priest already mocked at confession when I told the priest about the first signs. And then I said that while reading the diary of St. Faustina saw a very small bright flash. I ignored this sign, and after a while a dried palm fell from the radiator pipe. I jumped in fear. I explain what was the flash. It was a spark. I am getting a sign from God now. Earlier I wrote it and say it in my films. After sending me to the exorcist, the name was my examination, it was a sign for the priest. I asked the priest later to make an appointment with these priests and the exorcist, what was happening to me. The priest told me to collect my church leaflets informing people of the upcoming tragedy. Four times, and three times there was no Holy Communion for me, this was the fourth time for a nun. After all, a priest was coming back for Holy Communion. It was also a sign for the priest. If I was such a fool, why did I recognize the signs that the priest received and the priest did not recognize? Father Tokarz, Jan Krucina, exorcist and myself were to be at the meeting to be organized by the priest. God silenced me by giving you signs. I didn't shout at churches. I only passed on God's will. Before leaving for Paris, I met a priest and said that we would not see each other again. A priest was walking with a nun. The priest asked mockingly when this apocalypse. I answered: God will settle all of this for us. When I arrived from Paris, I did not go to this church anymore, because I told the priest that we would not see each other, and we met here again. I asked the priest then if he would give me 1 minute. I got the answer: I am in a hurry to celebrate mass. I replied: save your souls. Priest priest Tokarz from the church of St. Bonifacy in Wroclaw saw what was happening to me, he even nodded. I went to the priest and talked about the signs I received, especially when the Light Cross appeared to me. I also went to Piotr with a priest so that the priest would collect food. But when I went for the priest to order that God be received in my lap, the priest shouted at my knees and shouted: "Who am I to pay attention to the priest?" God silenced me, I remind you again. I didn't make a noise to the priest, why did the priest put aside the cross with God and put a monument with the pope in this place. After all, you got such clear signs, I fell on the concrete, I experienced ecstasy at Masses of Fatima, the water flowed from my nose and tears. When I received Holy Communion I was in tears, when I took God's breath and I squealed. Such a desire aroused in me the Holy Spirit. I would quote this proverb, but I will not use it. I will use the word you did it yourself disregarding all this. Families with children will come to you, then football fans, satanists, for food. They will take over the Polish Christless state. Did you know everything, you wanted to hide everything because you were afraid of people. You could send me after various exorcists. And what was done when the Mother of God observed the whole world, what did the popes do with the miracle of the sun at Fatima, which thousands of people watched? It wasn't a sign for them? Back then, the world was going to wear sackcloth, not now. Bloody tears of the Holy Mother of God appearing in figurines, paintings. Who will answer for billions of damned souls?


Evil people have infiltrated the Catholic Church for generations (Freemasons serving the evil), they are bishops and cardinals. They introduced many bad laws. The popes allowed it. I remind you, bishops and cardinals in the Roman Catholic church have not performed any functions for weeks. They were dismissed by the Lord God Jesus Christ. Earlier I described it in another article. Orthodox hierarchs will sacrifice the world before the Second Coming of the Lord God Jesus Christ. I get another sign for these words. The Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic church are to merge, form one church, staying with the same rites. The mass is to be reborn and return to its original form. Other Christian factions may join the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches, which will be one. If they don't, they will send God's punishment to themselves and their children. Father Jan Krucina, who after the first confession tells me that the saints also lost consciousness after a year and a half, when I confessed to him, he found my illness when I started to tell him what was happening to me, what clear signs God gave me. I started to be confirmed so much. And what was happening to my body was first and foremost for you to notice. Evil has confirmed to you too much in this civilized world that what I have said and seen cannot take place. I got such strong confirmation that I knew what to do and what God asks of me. You have to devote yourself fully to God to receive such signs and favors that you are going to die with joy. So it will be with me soon that you believe it all. I sent Piotr to priest Jan Krucina, he assessed me as I felt. I was only to pray, so the priest gave me to understand. If I listened, my soul would be damned. I was later with a priest with Piotr. The priest asked why you came and with what. I explained: "That the priest would tell others to collect food." When I handed the leaflets to the priest a few days later, the priest did not accept them. I knew that the priest did not understand.
The exorcist priest who congratulated me was at the very beginning when I was sent to the exorcist. After a few weeks I call a priest, I wanted to ask something. The priest asked me a question: "Didn't someone curse me when I was little?" I was terrified, Father Jan Krucina, you believed in everything that was happening to me. Through you I wanted to get to others. Then I went to the priest, confessing I answered that Lucifer himself cursed me when I was little. I stayed at the mass after confession with an exorcist priest. With the Marian song, I experience ecstasy, weaken, fall. Mother calmed me down. I wanted to get to people through prayer groups, you didn't let me tell them all. It was through you that I was to come to others above all. I have tried different ways to find out what is being told to me. I went with a prayer group on a pilgrimage to Częstochowa. It was a group of priest Natanek. A group that organizes night vigils in the church of St. Bonifacy in Wroclaw. On the bus, I began to tell them what was happening to me, what happened to me. Such a lady from the parish Under the Call of Saint. Józefa in Wrocław, who was with this group, nodded to me and said that she saw what was happening to me, how we weakened, how the Carmelite scapular was assumed by a priest. How they caught me then because I suddenly weakened. When the priest founded the scapular for me, I dropped my head in weakness and dripped water from my nose.
When I was with this group for the second time on a pilgrimage in Częstochowa, I quarreled with them. Because I started translating such an old gentleman. Several people turned against me. A quarrel broke out. They began to pray to St. Archangel Michael for me. I later learned that such a lady in this group told everyone that these falls were from evil. Several times in these years I approached this lady, I wanted to talk, she ran away from me. You came to me at church and said you were praying for me. One person even showed their hands in the church. You treated me like that. I was inspired and calm down. I said, Lord God, lead me. I won't do anything without you ?. You got signs on my person. I went to various churches. Even after a few months, when the misunderstanding subsided in this group, when I was arguing, I approached Benedict, the chairman of this group, I gave my number. phone to contact me. Oliwier told me that he would approach you and talk to you to meet me. When I heard this, disregarding the gentleman, I approached the Lord at night vigil and told him that he was leading the group badly and that he would convert. I left the church. You gave the intention of a mass for me, Oliwier told me.

The Franciscans from Karłowice in Wrocław mocked greatly. And they saw a lot. Oliwier told me how I fainted. His friend was with me and saw the Franciscan standing and making fun of me. I'm sorry. You didn't do this to me. One of the Franciscans even blessed me with a cross when I spoke of all this. Was it a blessing? And then the Franciscan was very indignant. I gave the former bishop Siemieniewski a leaflet twice in three years. He was now celebrating a mass on the feast of Jesus Christ the King, confirming the confirmation of youth in the church of the Redeemer of the world in Wrocław. At the beginning of the mass at the song Barka, I experience ecstasy, I fall. After consulting the emergency services, I went to the end of the church. To the song of the Holy Spirit Come, after a long song, I weaken, fall down on concrete standing in tears.
You crucified our Lord God again.
Poland, my homeland, are you worthy of it? My Lord, forgiveness and mercy.
With God.