23.03.2015 I remind other believers to get converter to Christianity. What if my website disappears?

This is the way it is going to be, if God admits it and allows for everything. I got such a beautiful mission from God. the more you spit on me, the more I feel that it is for God?s glory. Those, who believe in God and adhere to His commandments, need not be afraid. And those who do not believe and do not adhere to God?s commandments, may start to be afraid now.
To non-Christian believers
I have written earlier that the only way to God is His son Jesus Christ. There is no other way to be saved. Now I have been given a sign from the Holy Spirit. Let me call religions, which have not been given any signs, invented religions. Such religions are in a terrible danger. Jesus judged so many generations and now he will judge you. He is a fair judge. He will decide on our salvation. Jesus Christ died for us with love in such a terrible agony. And non-Christian religions have such superstitions.  Get converted! The world will soon get interested in why I travel and do this. God created internal world and I have not done anything. How many people visit my website now and how many of you will visit after my death, when you are told about it by the Pole?
Something will happen and interfere with my website. First it will be attacked by hackers and later nuclear bombs will fall. I want to avoid this and therefore I tell you now all that I will put on my website later. In my previous article I wrote that all nuns and farmers worldwide will get guidelines after the pope?s announcement, which will take place in 2016 in Cracow. The pope will tell them what to do. I give you a hint writing this now. When the pope will have told about it in Cracow, you should evacuate and go to Czestochowa. If you stay in your places, you will be in danger because of groups controlled by Satanists. Czestochowa will be protected by Mother of God, army, police and me. Now I get a sign from God again. And I can feels shivers. I will put various security measures on my website. But the best security will be to inform you now through them. They will shown you videos about me, which they get before I die. You should start collecting food. Farmers with crops and livestock should start to plan their evacuation to Czestochowa. If you do not obey, they will kill you and your families because of hunger. Collect fuel, as you may have to evacuate several times in order to take everything with you. The land, which you leave, has to be sown so that you will be able to come back and harvest some crops. You will do it with the help of the army. There will be a terrible panic and chaos in  the world and the freemasonry will use it just as it did before the WWII. People appointed by God for this mission will disperse worldwide. There will be no contact with the world and they will inform you about what is going on in other continents. I love God and Jesus Christ very much. He is our God, Saviour and Love and He is not loved by so many.
Get converted to Christianity and save your immortal souls.
God bless you.