2.11.2014 ? Mother of God in a month? In 2017 Mother of God will warn the world by visionaries in Medjugorie. There is an antichrist in the Islamic State!

I write as instructed by Jesus and Holy Spirit. The whole world and, in particular, the Islam, will 
receive a warning through visionaries in Medjugorie, who will be warned by Mother of God before the 
outbreak of the 3rd
In the Islamic State there lives a biblical antichrist predicted for years. Islam believers are exposed to 
terrible danger. Why?
Previously I had an inspiration that the evil hides in this religion, but now I got a confirmation from 
God and Holy Spirit. I write it with full responsibility and warn the world through Jesus My Lord. The 
antichrist and evil derived from Lucifer lives and prepares to destroy mankind using the religion. The 
religion conceived by the prophet Mahomet has received the sign now. An the sign is the antichrist 
predicted by our prophets. Lucifer managed to confuse fools by sending them his tool. It is them ? 
the highest rank Islamic priests. They will lead innocent people to fire and magma abyss through the 
antichrist. They will tell them that the messiah awaited by them had come. The evil will delude you 
with its beautiful and convincing speech, trick and miracles and it will forecast the bright future. It will 
come out soon and name itself a messiah, who has returned. I tell it to you now through Jesus My Lord 
and Holy Spirit.
I warn you ? the kingdom of evil is at the depth of the earth core. The temperature is unimaginably 
high there. Physical and mental feelings are similar to those on the earth, but you do not die there. I 
would like to warn you against the ?three six? chip. The chip is a signature, which you affix to give 
your soul to Lucifer. They will implant the chip under your skin. You will get some food, but later you 
will go to his kingdom of fire and magma. Those who will do it, will destroy the Catholic church.
To the Islam believers!
We believe in one God, but the way to God is Jesus, His son. Jesus, who died a terrible and 
unimaginable death for us, has been humiliated terribly.
God and Jesus Christ is the Way, Truth and Life. Save you immortal souls by converting to 
Christianity. Your lives is a fraction of a second compared to eternity. You have got a soul and your 
own reason and free will and you will decide, whom to follow ? Jesus Christ the Son of God or 
antichrist, the son of evil.
Jesus is very worried about you, because He loves you very much. You are the same as me, as you 
think and feel the pain. Jesus wants happiness for all people. He is such a good and merciful God and I 
love Him so much. His is the love and is not loved by many.
The world of yours and ours is in heaven, but Jesus is the only way to heaven. Follow the way and do 
not disregard it, as it leads to God and paradise. I would like to remind you once again ? only Jesus, 
His Son is the way to God and He will be the only to decide, where you will go ? to salvation or 
condemnation. Think about it now, as there is not much time until 2017 and it will be the beginning to 
an end there. I am nothing, but I have to warn you and remind you and Jesus Christ gave me this. God 
be with you!
 World War in 2017. Then the Apocalypse of St John will start.