2.04.2015 You are now doing what scholars and Pharisees did in the Holy Scriptures

Why did Pharisees and scholars in the Holy Scriptures not want to accept God? What were they afraid of most? They knew that God was wider than them and heard Him say that they should do good just as God instructed their ancestors. God told them to adhere to His commandments and live in love and respect of God?s laws. Jesus told them to give up their properties and this was what they were afraid of most. They saw people surrender their properties to God, who then gave them to the poor and needy. That was why they did all this in order to get rid of Jesus. They were afraid that God would take power and they would have to give their properties to the poor and obey Jesus. You are given signs all the time and I will describe one of them now. You have also been given evidence from an exorcist, to whom you sent me when I started to weaken. Don?t you see what is going on with me? don?t you know this? The scholars in the Holy Scriptures did a terrible mistake and you are doing this mistake, too. You are doing it to the detriment of people and their families, who will be hungry. This is the last time for the entire church to understand it and prepare people for this. In 2013 I wrote though Jesus Christ: become poor, sell everything that is useless, collect food etc. It?s 2015 now! Will you prepare people and parishioners for the terrible events? Let me remind you! Millions of children in Europe will die of hunger. Have you got any hearts? Are afraid of what the scholars in the Holy Scriptures were afraid of? On Wednesday 25th March 2015 at 6:30 a.m. I attended a holy service in the Wroclaw Cathedral. It was the day of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and I was very moved by the holy service. I took the holy communion and kneeled in front of Jesus the Merciful. I felt I was getting weak. The holy service started at 7 a.m. and I could not stand up on my feet just as if Jesus did not want me to go. I started to feel something indescribable and shake all over my body. I was so weak that I could not wipe water running from my nose and tears. I fell down when I heard the priest saying ?Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary?. My crying was like a force that I feel within me. Why do I cry when I feel the force? Now I feel the force strongest during  the prayer of the Stations of the Cross. On Friday the 13th March 2015 during the prayer of the Stations of the Cross in the Wroclaw Cathedral when I got to the 5th station I got weak and fell down. Do I cry? I can feel God so much!
Let me remind you: God confirms everything and He is never wrong. If I wrote anything without His consent, I would lose everything and would not fee what I have been given. And if I made up anything, God would kill me! And what about the dates that I told you about. God and Holy Spirit confirmed them several time and I can still feel it.
God bless you!
Prepare yourselves and your parishioners for the events! Tell this to everyone!