2.01.2021 Wrocław Bishop Francis Bergoglio, do you know very well what you are persuading people to do?

On 2 January 2021 on the Vatican radio I heard the words of Bishop Franz Bergoglio (pope): "You have to instill your bodies, but also your souls." Bishop Francis Bergoglio, what do you urge people to do! You know very well that every Covid 19 vaccine has a hidden Rafid chip, named after the mark of the beast. That the one who consciously vaccinates himself, and knows that one cannot vaccinate himself, voluntarily gives his eternity to Satan and is already enslaved by evil with electronic impulses, will be manipulated against his will. For many, many years, mankind has been warned against this vaccine, by the Lord God in the Holy Trinity and the Mother of God, by his visionary prophets. Everyone had time to get interested in it, and even inquire in detail, contacting the visionaries, and in particular, telling everyone about the dangers of getting vaccinated. One must not vaccinate at all, it is a terrible trap, it can result in terrible, eternal consequences. It is forbidden to promote vaccination on Radio Maryja and other Catholic radio stations. Freemasonry has already implemented a plan to destroy humanity, the clergy through its master, the eternal enemy of humanity, Satan.

Systematically I started going to the church of St. Michael the Archangel. I noticed that for many days I have been receiving strange favors, I even sat in the last pew, a certain person admonished me not to wear the rosary outside, is it getting dangerous? I very rarely fall to the Eucharist anymore. I also confided to a certain person who came from another parish, and I know her very well, about the strange favors I am getting, she replied that it was cleansing. With these words, God made my inspirations more credible to me. In the last article, I complained that I was not the false prophet that many people and the clergy considered me to be, and that some still believe me. On November 2, 2020, I wrote what mistake I made, and at the same time I was supported by the warning words of God the Father through the Living Flame visionary. In the December messages, exactly on 15/12/2020, God the Father again addresses me with the words: “Do not be discouraged by anything, but keep implementing God's plan, the tasks that I have set for you and I will give you. Entrust everything to me, even my own stupidity, I am empowered to fix it all, to direct it, so that even what you do to the imprudent, stupid use for God's Glory. Your surrender to God in bondage makes me make almost every decision for you, do not worry about the difficulties or what weighs you down, always trust in me in everything. Always entrust everything to me to the end, love me as much as you can, and for that I will bless you continually! ”.

On December Saturday, during the Eucharist, the word of God spoke about Zacharias as speechless, and during this Eucharist I felt an explosion of grace, when I knelt to receive God, I started to tremble, the priest began to look at me, another priest came too, I thought I would not get God. When I got up, I stretched out my hands, because when I felt the Lord God, I felt strange, so weak, I closed my eyes, I felt in the dark to grab the first bench, I thought that I was going to fall. The power of God stopped me, I felt even more crying, I feel that someone is squeezing my hand, I hear individual voices of a man and a woman, I cannot wake up, I fall forward, stopping my chest, I leaned on the bench, and at first I thought that someone had caught me, I moved to the bench and after a short while I sat down, my body was trembling very much, after a while I got up crying and went to the last bench. After a few days, before the Eucharist, I warned a certain person, a priest who had been watching me so much before accepting God, whom I had repeatedly admonished to him many times recently, he even shouted that he would call the police when in the sacristy I told him to end this terrible profanation. He drew my attention strangely and let me understand that I shouldn't scare people with my revelations. I would like to add how this priest shouted that he would call the police, there was another one who did not say anything. In this parish there are ten priests in this Salesian congregation, only two avoid giving God in the hand. Before Christmas I admonished one priest in the confessional in the confessional, he listened humbly to admonish his friends about the terrible profanation, how he would incur guilt by committing someone else's sin. Recently, during the Eucharist during the sermon, the priest talked a lot about abortion, and after the Eucharist I went through the whole Church and repeated the words "Accepting God in the hands of God is a heavier sin than abortion". And because of what I said and reminded me so many times, I was treated badly by the parish priest. I describe it on December 31, at the evening Holy Mass at the beginning of it, with the song I began to receive very great favors and fell. During the sermon, the parish priest said such words: "Evil is flashy and I want to attract attention". These words pierced me, he gave me a testimony to how I am perceived. I didn't get up all the time, I was on my knees until the end of the Eucharist. I always accept God at the morning Eucharist. In the evening, I have a spiritual reception, I described it earlier. When they accused God Jesus Christ of casting out evil spirits by the power of a fiend, God says then about the sin against God the Holy Spirit. This is a fight against the true clergy! Why can't you be sure, send me to an exorcist, as the priest from the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the sand in Wrocław did at the very beginning, in order to have a calm conscience. You will know them by their fruits. You see me at every Eucharist, I kneel often in the afternoon before the Blessed Sacrament, preparing for the evening Eucharist! The Lord God Jesus Christ told me the Living Flame through a visionary. "Behave as you do, don't impose yourself." I described it so that you would come to your senses and not commit a worse sin. A woman came up to me after the Eucharist and we started talking, I showed her big bags of dry bread, I told her the pug had thrown away the stale bread and I picked it up. I also told her if I would be ashamed if the ambulance had come and the rescuers would escort me and people would take full bags of stale bread for me. The buckets contain a lot of bread and various good fruits. What is thrown away, as if I started to describe, and in a moment the world will face a terrible hunger. Don't throw away the bread, you can dry it, I do it behind the stove. I've been collecting scrap metal for several weeks now, I'm doing pretty well, although it's not yet the season. My daughter accused me of having to help everyone, and she really helped me. Her husband's business and my daughter's are doing very well. She's doing better a few times than I was when my business was doing best. I did not tell her to thank God for such a great blessing and that God thought of me about it. Thank you Lord God !!! I got a sign. I am getting light on the safekeeping of a dozen priests, and where? Only in such places guarded by God's angels, the priest will not be exposed by the servants of Satan. Terrible persecution, Poland is underway!

For Christmas I got money from my daughter and my mother also gave me a very warm sweater, socks and very warm shoes. I also made gifts to my grandchildren, mother and brothers. On Christmas Eve I was at my daughter's house, we had a very festive experience. I laughed when my grandchildren saw a movie about Santa Claus from Lapland and in the album this Santa was looking at his photos, they started screaming, and later in this album they saw their parents and a beautiful Christmas tree that they were wearing, that's the technique. Then my son drove me to my mother, I played Christmas carols on the organ, we had a Christmas time, they laughed a bit at me because they don't believe in all of this. Mom says she dreams of beautiful gardens all the time. While collecting scrap metal, I met a few people I know from going to church and with whom I have already talked, two women, when they saw me, did not want to talk to me again, the men behaved differently. One of them even wanted to give me money, I didn't accept it, I explained why. I really have everything, and even two cats that I took in, and I really do not need a lot 4 days a week I fast dry, in summer I fast only one day, I gave 3 days of fasting to God's Treasury, one day for the clergy. I declined what I like best: sweets and pork and bananas. I cannot go to work for 8 hours, I devote myself and everything to God in order to save as many poor people as I was once poor.

“For this year and all years. May God bless you and keep you. May the Lord shine His face on you and give you His grace. Let him turn his face to you and give you peace ”.

With God