18.05.2015 Convert to Christianity. Look for rescue and saving in God and Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the Son of God. It is through Him that a human being may be saved. There is no other way to be saved. Those, who invented other beliefs and non-Christian religion believers will not be saved. Even those, who believe in Judaism, in which we find beginnings of the covenant with God, will not be saved.
Christian fractions, which do not recognize the Virgin Mary, Son of God, Her Holiness and Chastity will be judged by Her Son severely.
In theses apocalyptic times the entire world is to be subject to God?s orders given through Peter as indicated by me. He will appoint for the mission people, whom you will obey.
Those, who have not surrendered to God?s law and not comply with the same will have to leave Poland.
Collect food, rye, barley, oat, wheat, peas and vegetable seeds. Share them with others, when hunger comes.
A month before the breakout of the nuclear war and after an announcement of Mother of God in Medjugorie, bells will ring for twelve hours. They will ring, when the nuclear war breaks out.
When Islam believers start to torment me, this will ne the beginning of approaching apocalypse and coming true of the prophecy.
I am very sorry that so little people have understood the mission vested in me by Jesus Christ. You will be punished severely for that.
I can give you the evidence: on 13 May 2015 during celebration of the Lady of Fatima Day in the St. Adalbert?s Dominical church I fainted. People saw what happened to me after I fainted, especially when they sang a song about Virgin Mary. After w while they helped me to stand up and I sat down. When they started to sing ?Lord save us from air, hunger, war and fire?, I felt weak and fell down. When they repeated the stanza, I started to cry and tell why I was doing it. When I wanted to suppress the crying I started to suffocate terribly. Some force started to influence me.
I wrote all this to warn you against the coming events. My mission is coming to an end now and this is probably my last article to appear on my website. You will only see a film with people to obey. In these last apocalyptic years.
Prepare for the Return of Jesus Christ. This is the right time.
God bless you.