17.03.2015 The freemasonry imposes its authority, which causes the situation worldwide.

The masonry guides by Lucifer wants to destroy the world and mankind and only leave a small part in order to manipulate you and make you obedient. Lucifer does not need your bodies, but your souls!
Freemasons manufacture coffins for three in millions.
What do they do this for? They have sponsored the imminent war on a great scale and they have planned for years to come. Who shall they give so much money to? What country will it be? They do what they did in the 30s and 40s and the country is North Korea. It was them that Kennedy killed by freemasons talked about and that assassinated John Paul II. The mankind is endangered by the Islam and freemasonry.
They plan to destroy the world!
Do not think otherwise, as I have told you the truth. When the 3rd Wold War starts and the leader of North Korea gets killed, it will be them to decide, where to send them for treatment.
They have been given a sign just like the Islam did and only they know, who this is and the Islam clerics do not know this.
It is about a 6-year-old child, who lives according to the Islamic religion ? he is the antichrist and son of evil.