10.12.2014 I have chosen the way of Jesus Christ

The world created by God the Creator is so big. What are we, but nothingness in this world. We are God?s creatures and we are to give our love and time during this short pilgrimage. Don?t even think of a different way and life! You will only wander, just as I did once. How beautiful it is to love God so much. There is no more beautiful than a human being. It is a gift of happiness.
Surrender to the Creator entirely. I will tell you that this beauty found in heaven will not impress you, because you will be filled with God?s Love, which I can feel now. Each moment in your life is a fight of the soul ? a man?s fight for eternity. When you die, your soul will leave the body and face God, Jesus Christ and righteous Judge. Only God will help you then. Fall down and beg your Lord to help you, when he judges you. Do not behave like you do on the earth, we , the people, will help you with our prayers.
I will explain signs, which I have got before. The signs, for which I have been given a light from God and Holy Spirit, whom I feel so strong now.
When an exorcist invited me to come to a healing service a long time ago, when I started to lose my consciousness. I have told you about it in a film and now I tell you the same. When a priest exorcist walked with Jesus during the healing service in a church in Wroclaw, it was not only the touch of my Lord, but my heart was punched as well. The wound on my left leg, which I have described you before, is depicted on a photograph in other article. Now there is a cross shaped by my veins ? my Lord gave me a sign and showed me, how much His holiest body suffered and where the wound was. I read about it in Katarzyna Emmerich?s book entitled ?Passion?. 
My parish priest asked me, how I knew that a nuclear war would break out in 2017? I told him that I had had a lot of confirmations. When Jesus told me to prepare for His return, I asked, whether I should be that spark. I did not get an answer, but felt strong shivers. Now God and Holy Spirit tell me this and I can feel it. Why did I ask Jesus, whether I should be the spark? I have a record, which I used to listen to very often. There are words said by our Pope, when he was blessing the St Basilica of God?s Mercy in Łagiewniki. I had never had that vision before, and when I listened to the record, I felt shivers, when the Pope mentioned a spark.
What is given to me and what I feel, especially during holy services, is what I believe more than I live and exist.
You will find out later about my deeper feelings with God. People will get it in envelopes in order to warn you and tell you, what to do in those imminent bad times. You will also find it on my website. You will also find Mother of God?s announcement from Medjugorje ? a month before the outbreak of the nuclear war. Several hours later you will read on my website, what to do. These will be the guidelines I have got from Jesus and Holy Spirit.
God bless you.