10.03.2015 Don?t be afraid of God!

I am scared by what I see. I try to be calm as my Lord has taught me. However, I broke down several times because of what you do to me. This is similar to what scholars of the Holy Scriptures and Pharisees  did to God. why do I fall so many times, even to concrete floors, and nothing has happened to me so far? Why should I do this and do harm to my body? Why should I waste money, instead of spending time in some beautiful place without any problems? How much is a human being?s life worth? Why did I tell you the truth about freemasonry and Islam? I try to reach you and make you understand. You have not got it yet. If this sinister world ceases to exist soon, will it be then that you understand? There will be no water, electricity, food, no  one will work. There will be chaos. I have explained it to you in my articles, which may be my last ones. Get converted! Get prepared for all this! God created us to make good. And what do we do? In my previous articles I asked the clergy, through my Lord Jesus Christ, to prepare themselves and their parishioners for the events. Now you have shown your attitude and the way you prepared for all this. I describe, what you have shown to me. You live and do not care about all this. You do not inform your colleague priests. You live, because it is good for you here. You are liked by people, and not by God. I am scared by all this. God cannot stand to look at it. When I reprimand you, you tell me to see a psychiatrist. What are you doing to me. I?m nothing. Then who are you doing this to? There has been a priest in our parish for several months. Recently I reprimanded him in the presence of other people. Why does he still give the holy communion to people standing? He told me that he was going to call an ambulance. I had given the priest my leaflet earlier. He should have read it and ask my parish priest. The parish priest knows more about me. You are given such distinct signs and evidence and make a sickness of them. I warn you once more through Jesus Christ ? you are asking for God?s wrath. I have described only one of the incidents proving your attitude towards me. I recently came back from the south-eastern Poland and came across the retreat celebrated in our parish. I was surprised that Stefan Ceberek, a priest, whose songs I often play from my loudspeakers, is the master of the ceremony. The retreat started on 13 March on the day of Our Lady of Fatima. During the holy services the priest sang beautifully and when he sang   the song entitled ?To Mother of Crucified Son of God? I felt weak and fell. I even hid from you in the choir to avoid you pointing at me with your fingers and telling that I am sick. You have been given evidence and later, during celebration of the day of Our Lady of Fatima, people saw what was going on with me. This are, MOST OF ALL, evidence for you. It was not only you that called it sickness. A lot of priests claim the same. but this is how it should be. On Saturday at 8.00 I attended another retreat. Stefan Ceberek blessed water brought by people and then started to sing a song entitled ?Come the Holy Spirit?. I felt shivers, which got even stronger. What I felt was indescribable. I felt weak and fell to the concrete floor. I want to add that during the holy service held on Saturday I wanted to hid from you and sit somewhere on  the side, but there was no room. While standing I saw a large place in the middle row, which seemed to be the right one for me. And so I sat down. Does God wants you to see the evidence? I want to repeat this. If I made it up, I would be condemned to eternal hellfire and magma. On Sunday I went to a holy service, which was held at the Virgin Mary?s church at 10:30 and later at 6:30 p.m. I attended retreat in my parish church. At the beginning of the holy service, Stefan Ceberek started to sing a song entitled ?Come the Holy Spirit? again. I felt weak, fell down and people took me out of the bench. I was very weak and heard the voice of a young priest, whom I earlier reprimanded. He conducted the holy service. He shouted at me and pulled me. I was so weak that I could not even raise my head. When they got me out of the church, I asked some man, if that was the priest, who conducted the holy service and later pulled me. He nodded. The priest gave evidence to everyone treating me as if I was insane. Should it be like that? What happened when Jesus was taken to Herod? I am not surprised with the young priest?s behaviour, if some priest, who teaches other priests, told me to stop doing what I did. It was a sign from him confirming that he did not guide me just as in case of our Helenka guided by a confessor, whom she listened to and asked about everything. I am guided by the Holy Spirit and now I am given a sign from God and feel shivers all over my body. Why did I asked 3 or 5 questions to that priest only while I have been confessing my sins for 2.5 years? I did not stop helping the elderly woman either. She told me the same that the priest did and she was so closed to God. I feel God so much inside me. God lives inside me and I live inside Him. I thing that my crying is God?s crying over us all. We are a temple of God and I give you the evidence that I have described. If God listens to me, I pay money for holy services and pray for dying sinners, for souls suffering in the purgatory and condemned souls. My prayer is such a small particle of a human being. It is eternity to attend a holy service, pray for people and give your soul to God through Jesus Christ. I would like to separate from this world and not to sin so much. This is impossible! It is because of my son, family, people, neighbours and even clergy. Why?
God bless you